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Translator, film fan, book lover, chocolate enthusiast. Bucking the trend and getting more leftist as I age.

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  1. Until yesterday, I didn’t know who Andrew Tate was, and I liked it fine that way.
  2. Can anyone tell me why I can’t log in to Post on my phone anymore or request a code? It always just says Something went wrong.
  3. #GoldenGlobes be like „Sorry, we couldn’t find a fifth comedy series, so we put Wednesday in there“, when What we do in the Shadows and Somebody Somewhere were right there.
  4. Just came out of the cinema and was wondering why people were going nuts on the streets and all the cars were honking. Then I saw the Moroccan flag on some of them. Seems to be quite a Moroccan commun
  5. My favourite part of US elections is when Steve Kornacki appears on my TV and gives me good news for Democrats. Let’s hope tonight is a good one…
  6. Not to brag or anything, but I am personally responsible for a total of zero monkey deaths. (This is a sub-Post. I’m not just weird.)
  7. Calling the #BookPost community! (Is that a thing yet?) What were your favourite books you read this year? I can never get enough recommendations. Mine were The Change by Kirsten Miller, The Skeleton
  8. Currently rewatching Grey‘s Anatomy with the kids and I had forgotten just how much fun those early seasons were. I mean, it’s still a good show and I’ll watch it to the bitter end, but it really does
  9. It’s nice curating a feed when I don’t have to forensically weed out possible fascists. Currently, if you post anything semi-coherent about a TV series, movie or book, it’s an automatic follow from me
  10. Here's the thing about @tesla. It's not a car company. Tesla is a company that has to make cars in order to sell its real product: Emissions Credits. Let me explain. Back in 2012, the EPA put out new,
  11. If a post is liked on a social network and no one notifies you, does it actually fill that void in your soul?
  12. Maybe the most important question: Are we still allowed to make fun of James Corden over here?
  13. Ehm. It’s new to me and another lovely change from Twitter that people are actually seeing and liking my posts. But how to I tell who the likes are??
  14. Hello. I’m new here. I’m just a girl standing in front of a social network asking it to, please, be one where no one uses „woke“ as a pejorative.

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