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Retired public school educator, sister, mother and grandmother who enjoys hiking, birding, camping, kayaking, reading and

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  1. Great Q and A with WURDonDemocracy and USDOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg. #Biden #TeamPete #Buttigieg
  2. Inspirational. Speech and Q&A with Pete Buttigieg. The best. #TeamPete #Buttigieg #Democracy
  3. #TeamPete #petebuttigieg High energy Podcast with live audience at the University of Richmond. Secretary Buttigieg at his best!
  4. #TeamPete #Politics #SecretaryPete #Transportation #PeteButtigieg
  5. Indepth and thoughtful conversation with Secretary Pete Buttigieg on current world events (20 min). #Israel #Democracy #Veterans #TeamPete
  6. Secretary Pete visits Alaska

    What bipartisanship looks like in a government that works. Secretary Pete Buttigieg and Senator Lisa Murkowski tour #Alaska infrastructure on ferries and small planes. #TeamPete #bipartisan
  7. Secretary Pete goes #Alaska !!! Three day infrastructure investment tour along with Republican US Senators Sullivan and Murkowski who worked on and voted for the bipartisan infrastructure law. 15 minutes 👇 #TeamPete
  8. Good policy is good policy. Secretary Buttigieg on the successes of the BidenHarris administration. Good stuff! #Biden #bidenharris #TeamPete
  9. Can y’all repost this post to let folks know I’m on this dohicky?
  10. Hello Washington state! Secretary Buttigieg is flying your way Thursday and Friday(7/6-7/7) for some special announcements!
  11. 2023 Anti Monopoly Summit (final Keynote by Secretary Buttigieg)

    Some thoughts on monopoly, competition, and the role of healthy government shared by Secretary Pete Buttigieg (20 minutes). #TeamPete #BidenHarris24
  12. AAMA Fireside Chat with Secretary Buttigieg

    Another Fireside Chat (16 min) with Secretary Pete Buttigieg! As he speaks before an audience of mayors, learn more about some of USDOTs programs wbich provide funds to help communities implement their transportation visions. #TeamPete #Mayors #USDOT
  13. Friday Topics with Secretary Pete Buttigieg on Andrea Mitchell Reports: documents leak, unruly plane passengers, derailment updates, and WH Easter with Chasten, Anne, and the twins.
  14. Fireside Chat with Reverand Al Sharpton and Secretary Pete Buttigieg at yesterday's session of the National Action Network Convention. Q and A (18 minutes). #TeamPete #NAN
  15. Such a heartwarming conversation on FAMILY on this new 30 minute podcast with LZ Granderson and @secretarypete Buttigieg. 🥰 #TeamPete
  16. Secretary Pete Buttigieg just did this really good interview on Politics Girl. They cover the infrastructure law, railroad safety and the derailment in East Palestine, and Pete's approach to communication. Definitely worth watching ⬇️ #TeamPete #Buttigieg #EastPalestine
  17. 👇
  18. I sent a message to my two US Senators and US House Representative to vote YES on the proposed Railway Safety Act. Please take 2 minutes to join me. #TeamPete #RailwaySafetyAct #BidenHarris
  19. Fireside Chat with @secretarypete Buttigieg and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the Clinton Global Institute ! It's soulcraft. #TeamPete #GenZ #Clinton
  20. NTSB and East Palestine,OH

    Historian Heather Cox Richardson posted facts about the early on ground response to the East Palestine derailment. Brief February 4 Press Conference with NTSB included at the end. @secretarypete #usdot #teampete

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