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Even a bad movie can have a great trailer.

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Even a bad movie can have a great trailer. Our official podcast The Movies That Made Me can be listened to on your favorite podcast app!

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  1. The Movies That Made Me: Brit Marling Chapter 2

    Buckle up for round two of Josh Olson and Joe Dante’s The Movies That Made Me podcast conversation with writer/director/actor Brit Marling!
  2. Celebrate TFH producer Elizabeth Stanley’s birthday with these classic articles!
  3. The Princess Bride

    The Princess Bride numbers among the movies that made our latest The Movies That Made Me podcast guest Brit Marling! Part 2 of hosts Josh Olson & Joe Dante’s convo with Brit will be unveiled tomorrow…
  4. Welcome to Massive Monsters Week on TFH! First up, tune in for Dana Gould's epic brand-new trailer commentary for War Of The Gargantuas:
  5. Dune '84

    Glenn Erickson of CineSavant posits that, shot for shot, David Lynch’s galactic epic Dune is as brilliant as any of his films, with vivid characterizations, strong performances and a parade of weird, strikingly Lynchian visuals.
  6. Tales Of Terror

    Our Hail To The King Week festivities close out with, what else, a Vincent Price-Roger Corman Edgar Allan Poe adaption! Tales Of Terror, the star-studded anthology, is the subject of today's trailer commentary:
  7. Bloody Mama

    Our Hail To The King Week festivities continue with Roger Corman's classic trailer commentary for the Shelley Winters rambunctious crime thriller Bloody Mama:
  8. Planet Of The Vampires

    In Mario Bava’s haunted space opera Planet Of The Vampires, Barry Sullivan and Norma Bengell struggle to overcome the curse of a ‘demon planet.' Glenn Erickson of CineSavant reviews the film's new Radiance Films Blu-ray:
  9. The Wild Angels

    Hail To The King Week races into ’60s counterculture with unique ferocity! Tune in for Roger Corman’s classic commentary for his Peter Fonda biker picture The Wild Angels:
  10. Gunslinger

    Our Roger Corman celebration goes western, young man, with Roger’s classic commentary for his picture Gunslinger, starring Beverly Garland and Allison Hayes enthusiastically:
  11. Submarine Command

    The little-seen Paramount war picture Submarine Commando — out in a fresh Kino Lorber Blu-ray — finishes William Holden’s run with lovely Nancy Olson as his co-star. Glenn Erickson of CineSavant reviews:
  12. Commemorate TFH Guru Rod Lurie’s birthday with these trailer commentaries!
  13. The Premature Burial

    Hail To The King Week, our tribute to late great TFH Guru Roger Corman, continues today with Roger's classic trailer commentary for The Premature Burial, his third Edgar Allan Poe adaptation, this time starring Ray Milland and Hazel Court:
  14. The St. Valentine's Day Massacre

    Hail To The King Week continues as we celebrate the legacy of TFH Guru Roger Corman. Today, we revisit Roger’s trailer commentary for the Chicago gangster adventure The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre!
  15. The Movies That Made Me: Brit Marling

    Our podcast The Movies That Made Me returns with a brand-new multi-hyphenate guest! Writer/director/actor Brit Marling discusses the portrayal of women in some of her favorite movies with hosts Josh Olson & Joe Dante.
  16. You Only Live Twice

    The James Bond adventure You Only Live Twice numbers among Hundreds of Beavers filmmakers Mike Cheslik & Ryland Brickson Cole Tews’ favorite movies to watch together while they drink, as they relay to hosts Josh Olson & Joe Dante in the latest installment of our pod The Movies Th
  17. Apache Woman

    Late great Trailers From Hell Guru Roger Corman was a longtime friend to TFH, so we're marking his passing by posting a different one of his trailer commentaries each day this week. Here's today's commentary, for his rambunctious western Apache Woman:
  18. Once Upon A Time In The West 4K

    Hailed in Europe but ignored here, Sergio Leone’s Once Upon A Time In The West transcends classic status, writes Glenn Erickson of CineSavant. Its operatic gunfighter rituals become drama-sculptures of genre destiny.
  19. Wacky Westerns With Michael Schlesinger

    This week for his Trailers From Hell column Blood of the Vines, Randy Fuller pair wines with a trio of slightly bent westerns, courtesy of TFH Guru Mike Schlesinger. No deadeye, just wine.
  20. RIP to a legend. We lost TFH Guru Roger Corman today.

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