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You have your opinion, I have mine. Live with it.

I love all animals. I want this country to be sane again. I’m so tired of all the right wing bullshit. We need to come together and treat each other better. There’s too much hate in this country. We all bleed red.

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  1. Still hot from going DEFCON 2 on Matt Gaetz last week, Mike Rogers hit the ground running for his new gig with the Armed Services by testing this hair-like combat helmet prototype.
  2. A judge not only just rejected Kari Lake’s attempt to overturn the results of her election — he invited sanctions motions as well. Welcome to the finding out phase, Kari Lake. You loser.
  3. Elon is such a snowflake.
  4. @urocklive1 please follow back ☺️
  5. I have a traitor card game too. Collect them all.
  6. Works for me!
  7. Literally the only interesting factoid released in #TwitterFiles3 was the fact that the most significant piece of evidence any investigator would be looking for in this entire pre-January 6 intra-Twit
  8. This platform is in beta . Post was launched on November 14, 2022—24 days ago. So the site isn’t even a month old. New features are being regularly added and on occasion bugs are being found, as is nor
  9. #caturday
  10. Biden administration awards $36 billion to save the pensions of 357,000 union workers
  11. Whelan's brother said Russia wants spy for spy, but US government says we don't have any. What about Rand Paul, Ron Johnson,Lady Lindsey Graham? Tulsi Gabbard?🤣
  12. The hate has to stop. I can’t believe this is happening in 2022!
  13. My first post. Hello everyone ☺️

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