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  1. If we want a habitable planet, we'll say no to the siren calls to upgrade tech - especially if they're referring to it as a 'refresh'.
  2. Eleanor Williams wtf?

    Crown Prosecution Service on the false allegations of rape and sexual abuse made by #EleanorWilliams of Barrow in Furness: "It is important to say from the outset that it is very rare that we prosecut
  3. I see the best the British #pork lobby think they can do with their TV ad is claim to provide vitamin B12. Well, because of land use, farmed animals generally get fed such poor diets that those have to
  4. Zheng Xiyuan, state official and thug

    Actually, Zheng Xiyuan, your state-sponsored physical violence, threats, distortions and perversions of the truth are what my country's higher education system needs to resist if we're to do the right
  5. Yesterday I posted an article of crow photos and instructions for how to befriend crows . In my excitement, I left out a couple of key points. That's sort of the excuse for this post. The real reason,
  6. Nearly #veganuary. If that annoys you, have a read of this
  7. Flickr is establishing a non-profit to preserve and widen access to photographic history. I pay Flickr to store my photos and had no idea there are 50 billion others there
  8. @WesStreeting (my MP) is right about appalling access to primary care in England and I'm not sure why the BMA is taking this personally. Was it their policy for the hospital not to communicate with th

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