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  1. Trump's attorneys ended his first day in criminal court by trying to get him out of several appearances.
  2. Trump becomes the first-ever President to face criminal trial on allegations over a lurid 2016 scheme.
  3. MAGA Election Denialism Still Has A Firm Grip On Red California County

    Election administrators in Shasta County face off with an ongoing election denial stronghold that election officials worry will only intensify ahead of the 2024 election.
  4. The Sheer Absurdity At The Heart Of Trump’s Historic First Criminal Trial

    Sometimes it pays to take a step back and soak in the sheer absurdity of Trump and the current moment. It remains true that he and his movement are a threat to the Republic and the constitutional order while at the same time being a comical combination of goofy, ridiculous, prepo
  5. The Christian Nationalist Hydra: In Era of Trump, Christian Nationalism Has Many Faces

    Christian nationalism takes many forms. Some pose a threat because of their proximity to political and legal power; others because they accelerate racist and antisemitic rhetoric; and still others because they might incite violence.
  6. The Big Lie Is A Long Con, A Grift, And A Trump Family Biz Opportunity

    All In The Family : When RNC co-chair and Trump daughter-in-law Lara Trump blasted out a robocall last week claiming “massive fraud” in the 2020 election, it was a continuation of one of the great long cons in history. We often say the Big Lie conspiracy culminated with the Jan. 6
  7. In Barnburner Wisconsin Supreme Court Race, Democrats Will Look To Flex Recent Off-Year Strength

    From abortion to voting rights to, well, keeping Donald Trump from stealing elections, the importance of state Supreme Courts, particularly in swing states, has come into sharp focus in the recent political era.
  8. Dueling bills, judge-on-judge conflict, a proposed rule still on the table: the fight against judge-shopping isn’t dead yet.
  9. Trump GOP Reaps The Whirlwind On Its Anti-Abortion Absolutism

    When Us v. Them Collapses On Itself : Republicans spent the day tying themselves in knots over the Arizona Supreme Court ruling that reinstated a Civil War-era territorial law banning nearly all abortions. More in today's Morning Memo...
  10. Trump trotted out a questionable six year old document as his hush money case heads to trial.
  11. Judge Cannon Rules For Jack Smith–Though You Wouldn’t Know It

    One obvious avenue of appeal is off the table. U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon used the occasion of ruling in favor of Special Counsel Jack Smith to slap him around a bit more, as is her wont. Also in today's Morning Memo: Kari Lake … MTG … Mike Johnson
  12. Arizona Supreme Court Greenlights Near-Total Abortion Ban, Making November Ballot Fight Existential

    The Arizona Supreme Court Tuesday supplanted the state’s 15-week abortion ban with a near-total one dating from 1864, making existential a proposal to protect abortion rights organizers are currently working to get onto the ballot this fall.
  13. A new Georgia election bill could lead to voter suppression if it becomes law because it would lower the threshold for successfully challenging whether an individual voter is eligible to vote in the state.
  14. Donald Trump Wrings The Last Drop Of Dignity From Lindsey Graham’s Tortured Soul

    After Trump’s principle-free declaration that he supports “states rights” on abortion, a baldfaced political move to try to win re-election, Lindsey Graham “respectfully” disagreed. In response, Trump unleashed an afternoon-long tirade against Graham on social media. More in today
  15. Trump's making a bet that feigned moderation will be enough to see him through the election, when he will then be free to impose whichever restrictions his anti-abortion supporters demand.
  16. It's about bringing their hardline interpretation of Christianity to you.
  17. Trump Refuses To Let Anti-Abortion Politics Wreck His Bid To Avoid Jail

    What Winning Looks Like : In a video released this morning, Trump seems to have made “kick the can” his official position on abortion post- Dobbs – proving that he’s not going to let abortion politics foil his strategy to save himself from prison by winning re-election. Also in toda
  18. Courts could easily put an end to the judge shopping problem. It doesn't look like they will.
  19. The Fox News host's bestselling book fundamentally relies on an act of deeply dishonest misdirection.
  20. The 3 Worst Aspects Of Aileen Cannon’s Latest Shenanigan

    U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon confounded legal experts with her latest ruling, denying Donald Trump’s motion to dismiss the Mar-a-Lago indictment on a crackpot theory based on the Presidential Records Act. Also in today's Morning Memo: Jeff Clark ... Clay Higgins ... Beyoncé

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