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I live in Colorado & spend as much time hiking in the mountains as possible. Former trail & ultramarathon runner (100 M was my fav). Live with my two dogs and long-sufferng husband. Raised two now-adult daughters who have turned out OK despite my best efforts are bizarre parenting. 9-year Pancreatic cancer survivor. I also write things.

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  1. After announcing to the family that we need to eat less junk, Willy and I check out the cheesecake in the fridge… #dogsofpost #dogs #Aussie #AustralianShepherd
  2. Happy New Year to all! I’m going to stop saying, “Let’s hope this year is better than last year!” I think it’s time to just say, “Hopefully this year only sucks as badly as the worst of the last three
  3. Last week Sadie, our 12 YO Boston Terrier, had surgery to remove a cancerous mast cell tumor from her back. She’s recovering so well & our Aussie has been snuggling with her, which never happens norma
  4. Willy looking pretty for a couple of days after being cleaned up! He will have dirt caked all over him tomorrow I am sure. #dogs #australianshepherd #aussie #dogsofpost #postdogs
  5. Our Princeton Tiger is home for a couple of weeks! #princeton #PrincetonTigers #PrincetonU
  6. Happy holidays from our family to yours!
  7. 2nd obligatory dog post. I never thought I was a little dog person until I adopted Sadie the Boston Terrier. This little girl would follow me to the ends of the earth.
  8. Obligatory dog photo. With my wackadoodle Australian Shepherd Willy.
  9. All I want for Christmas is Trump to be indicted for at least one crime and to never hear about that guy E.M. ever again.

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