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  1. My union - Hamtramck Federation of Terachers - is giving away books on April 27, from 10-2. Click on the images for more information.
  2. I need a dog, but I'm crazy busy.
  3. As part of the process to sort out why I have anemia, I tested for celiac and the result was neg. I still decided to cut back on glutton. I didn't really cut back this week and I'm exhausted. Either it's the glutton or the break-up that's done me in. No glutton until next weekend
  4. No one talks about how emotionally draining it is to wrestle with difficult choices and then making the decision. I've been whipped for two days.
  5. Blah. Rain.
  6. Taking that little road trip to see the total eclipse was worth it. I won't lie, I kind of teared up once the sun was completely covered.
  7. Until last night, I had no idea that I'm 45 minutes away from the Zone of Totality - Leamington. I just booked a room for my son & I to experience the #Eclipse together.
  8. I think I'm addicted to my electric blanket. Is that possible?
  9. Spring break is over 51 school days left.
  10. Right after the interview w/Tim Meadows, there is a segment that discusses the legals woes of my district - Hamtramck. Give it a listen and share.
  11. Naps are beautiful.
  12. I'm looking for any Hamtramck, Michigan residents. If you live in Hamtramck, please say hi. #Hamtramck
  13. Good-bye 2023 - you kind of sucked.
  14. Hamtramck BOE

    With a little time on my hands, I can share the video of the rally my union held a could of weeks ago. This is the reality of the Hamtramck Board of Education. Please feel free to share this everywhere. #education #unionstrong
  15. The Hamtramck Board of Education isn't doing its job. Pass it on.
  16. Fellow teachers - what do you call Friday after school happy hour? We call it church. #Teaching #TeacherLife
  17. The first week of school is always a blur. One more day.
  18. The farmers' market had yellow watermelon this morning. I can't wait to cut into it.
  19. I really need to work in my classroom today, but I'm exhausted after staying awake on high alert during the storm last night.
  20. I don't want to worry, but I am worried. We have too many guns and too many mindless whack jobs out there.

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