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An acquired taste

Feminist. Liberal. Dog lover. Canadian. Political Junkie. Chronic Migraine. I was told by a professional that I was the definition of Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Might as well do it right! Sarcastic af. I swear. A LOT.

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  1. Is it too soon to tell 2023 to fuck off?
  2. If I were someone who didn't like rage, I wouldn't have celebrated the rage brigade illegal occupation, nor walked with one of their leaders. Just sayin' #cdnpoli
  3. I find these results interesting for 2 reasons: We had an election about 14 months ago and most people hate going to the polls yearly and I bet the turnout would be low. Last time everyone pushed PMJT i
  4. Anyone watch the latest season of Borgen?
  5. Do yourselves a favour and read Joan by Katherine J. Chen.
  6. This really cool.
  7. I set 2 very simple goals for my week off - Watch the latest of Borgen. Start Joan of Arc by Katherine J. Chen Started number 1 and man, oh man, how could I have forgotten how awesome Birgette Nyborg i
  8. Not a troll was found trolling, not even a roast. A lot of the posts had a tentative feel As if we weren’t sure that this new place was real. Some of the veterans who’d been here for weeks Were offering p
  9. Lucy and Otto. My muttley crew.
  10. Holiday break started 3hrs ago and I already spent 15 min doing some work just to make Jan 3 less of a hit in the head. UGH. Make. It. Stop.
  11. After Jaime's murder, our 2 dogs saved my family. Through the new initiative of our foundation Orange Ribbons for Jaime we started PAWS OF LOVE, to help others affected by gun violence. We have partne
  12. This is always a great listen/watch.
  13. You say clumsy, I say violent misogyny that never should have been printed. I also don't see the words "sorry" or "apologize". Fuck you Jeremy. FUCK YOU.
  14. Good on Skate Canada!
  15. One, I guess, 'good thing' about Musk buying twitter is now more and more people realize he's a fucking ignorant loser scumbag asshole. You can be smart at one thing but that doesn't mean you're intell
  16. I grew up in Windsor, ON (LaSalle, ON if you want me to be exact). Point being is that I am Detroit sports fan and the Lions play soon. Will they break even? And if so, is the world close to ending?
  17. This is what I've been listening to lately. "You roll those eyes and trap my hand in your thighs It's slavery but in disguise And like a fool, I come right back to you There's nothing else that I can d
  18. I really don't care about soccer (football).
  19. I'm feeling talkative today, so apologies for those that I bore (I think I'm super fucking interesting, but whatever, I digress.) What are y'all baking for the holidays? I'm going to being make this cak

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