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I live in California. I like windmills and love to tell people how they work. If you want to hear, just ask.

Palm Springs, CA

Lifelong learner and educator focused on renewable energy. As a kid, I wondered what we would do after fossil fuels. Now I help explain the path forward to anyone who will listen. I also write on occasion and enjoy photography. See Backstories of the Palm Springs Windmills on Amazon

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  1. Sources of Liberal Bias in US Higher Education

    I rarely have feelings about opinions published in mainstream media, but this one missed a key observation. In a brief explanation of a liberal bias among U.S. undergraduate teaching faculty, the author suggests that conservatives want no part of the liberal institutions or that
  2. Just read. This is so spot-on and timely. Saturated. Saturation by @elliotkirschner
  3. Whoa. “35 crashes in which Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving” or “Autopilot” systems were likely in use. Together, these accidents have killed 19 people?” Holy nightmares and lawsuits, Batman.
  4. The one night of the year they work late…
  5. Follow @sethabramson with no regrets. First and with the widest lens imaginable.
  6. I would so love to hear John Boehner’s off-the-record commentary about now.
  7. Please do.
  8. I feel like I have seen this movie… #birds
  9. @atrupar nails it.
  10. Politricks

    Do I understand there are effectively three political parties in the U.S.? Then let’s stop pretending otherwise and look overseas for guidance.
  11. SMDH

    “Without an approved House Rules package by the end of business on January 13, committees also won't be able to pay staff, according to a letter sent last week by the committee in charge of administra
  12. Jan 6 Yet Unresolved

    In many ways, the lack of resolution for events two years ago fuels the stalemate in the House of Representatives today. @danrather and @elliotkirschner
  13. WTF bird feed?

    Why am I just realizing on the bird site the feed is populated by your categories chosen long ago? Or in my case (my burner account so I can get tech support from major companies), last week? Elmo put
  14. Today is a good day to join the fight and stand up for democracy.
  15. Jeffries Gambit?

    Whatever the outcome, will this go down as the Hakeem Jeffries Gambit? Or the revenge of the crazies? Seriously, why don't a requisite number of moderate republicans defect to independence and negotia
  16. Burning Down the House Indeed

    A little ditty by @danrather and @elliotkirschner . "The dumpster fire we are witnessing now has been smoldering for years, if not decades. It is what ha
  17. Hooray for Hoarse Whisperer!

    I am happy for @therealhoarse for the mention in this note from Substack. I also have a Substack account and am writing the first of a series of posts on renewable energy (I kno
  18. Speaker of the House Explainer

    Excellent explainer by @mitchellepner for people like me, and interesting. I can’t help but muse about the unlikely event of DJT becoming Speaker, discussed at the end of the ar
  19. Clown Car Crazy

    I found this article from @danrather and @elliotkirschner to be particularly enlightening. After sitting on the fence a few days, it also triggered me t

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