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My favorite things to do include: reading, knitting, dancing, and spending time with family. I love my man, my daughter, and my people (they know who they are)! I love to sing, even though I can't, and Animals make me smile.

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  1. Yes, Mike Pence did the right thing on Jan6, but if you were thinking that his campaign is about anything other than craven pandering, think again...
  2. Here's what WASN'T in the indictment: - Disputable he said, she said evidence - Speculation about Trump's state of mind - Speculation about what happened in closed door meetings - Ambiguity about the importance of the documents Nothing but the facts. No wonder MAGA doesn't want to rea
  3. Reading how Republicans are reacting to the legitimate indictment of Trump, I am very worried about the coming GOP attack on free and fair elections in 2024. I am writing something about it now. Should be ready by Mon/Tues. Sign up to receive.
  4. @scotus
  5. “The killer posted on Facebook that he might “kill a few people on my way to work,” got in his car, ran a red light, drove directly into a Black Lives Matter protest, & shot and killed a protester because he felt “threatened.” And Texas Governor Greg Abbott plans to pardon him.”
  6. In the Tennessee House of Representatives Standing Rules, the requirements for maintaining decorum are spelled out, as are the procedures for addressing rule breakers. it seems clear to me that the implication of the last sentence of rule 19 is that the maximum penalty for breaki
  7. Clarence Thomas, by law, was supposed to report any gift worth $415 - or more. But he kept accepting 100s of thousands of dollars worth of gifts every year for over a decade w/o any reporting. #politics
  8. #RepublicanHatredOnDisplay #TennesseeThree #ReallyTwo
  9. This #ClarenceThomas bribe money story realky has legs! Push him to resign & we come closer to a legitimate SCOTUS. Once Thomas falls, Beer Kavanaugh will crash & burn, too.
  10. Companies headquartered in Tennessee that you should not be using until further notice. FedEx Autozone Cracker Barrel Dollar General And this time, don’t let politicians running for office to wait for a better time. Defend our democracy.
  11. Before Tennessee expelled two Black legislators today, Georgia refused to seat a Black legislator in 1965 because he opposed the Vietnam war. The Supreme Court told Georgia they were violating Julian Bond's 1st Amendment rights.
  12. There is going to be a Wisconsin State Supreme Court election. It's taking place on Tuesday, April 4th. What you need to bring to the polls: Proof of Residence in Wisconsin Photo ID This election is the most pivotal Wisconsin election in years. It would flip the state Supreme Court i
  13. If you’re not going to trust teachers to teach history or current events, what’s the argument for trusting them with guns in the classroom?

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