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avid proponent of evolution. i prefer the company of non-human animals and books. dirt road democrat.

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  1. A perfect summary of our nation's current state.
  2. Happy Martin Luther King Day! The annual 24-hr period for GOP enthusiasts and racist MFers to hop on line and pretend they give a shit about civil liberties and the general wisdom of MLK Jr. Live it up, kids! 🎉
  3. In 2016, I said "This guy's gonna start WWIII."

    People said I was being reactionary. Over-dramatic. Hysterical. The following are truths: He pandered to Putin. He praised the actions of global dictators. He made it clear he would not support democratic allies. He (haphazardly) initiated the withdrawal of armed forces. He sold our s
  4. Today is my birthday and I've been looking forward to the gift of watching DeSantis blow up his own campaign with his idiotic choice to accept the debate challenge from Newsom. A birthday treat, indeed!☺️🎂 #birthdayfun #NewsomDeSantisDebate
  5. I soooooo hope Haley is the GOP candidate after Trump is imprisoned because of the millions of conservative old white dudes who would never in a million years vote for a woman for anything other than beauty pageant queen let alone president of these united states. #voteblue2024 #
  6. Dear Targets, Kohl’s, Walmarts, ALDIs, Home Depot , Jewel & all other stores that have self checkout. You are heading towards almost exclusively self-checkout now. The lady checking receipts at the exit was stopping everyone. I didn't choose to participate in that nonsense, I had
  7. Facts.
  8. Bout right.
  9. Lots of horrifying truths laid bare in this piece. It's simultaneously terrifying & fascinating.
  10. Welp. Looks like Argentina's probably screwed themselves with their new authoritarian TV star president. We've seen this show before, methinks.
  11. American Brownshirts in 2023. I don't think their brown shirts are an oversight. Do you?
  12. Hey MAGA: must be Biden's fault. South Haven, MI...yesterday #BidenomicsWorks #voteblue2024 #bidenharriss2024 #Bidenomics
  13. By Thom Hartmann The Nazis in America are now “out.” This morning, former Republican Joe Scarborough explicitly compared Trump and his followers to Hitler and his Brownshirts on national television. They’re here. At the same time, America’s richest man is retweeting antisemitism, r
  14. Well, golly-gee, this sorta sounds like us, who'da thunk.
  15. Jesus, Mary, & Joseph.😳 This guy's a fuckin' nutjob. #MikeJohnson #ChurchAndState
  16. Real talk: when all the Boomers die, do you think Miracle Whip will go with them?
  17. By Jay Kuo I’m not an alarmist. I study facts and weigh trends, and I pay attention to signals. Many of those signals are positive, despite a few worrisome polls and general economic malaise. And I have uplifted those positive signals here in the hopes of alleviating anxiety. But t
  18. This morning, Trump referred to "left leaning liberals" as "vermin." He is Hitler in 1933. This is not hyperbole. And if you ever wondered what people--both Jews and non-Jews--did in Germany as Hitler rose to power, it's what you're doing now.
  19. Happy birthday to Layla!🎂🐾🎉 😁 #dogsofpost #postpics

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