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Believer of SCIENCE, EQUALITY, & TRUTH Don't be an asshat! Hawkeyes * Chiefs * IA Cubs I swear a little & Jesus still loves me! Twitter refuge & happy!

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  1. 500 Wins for Fran too! #HawkeyeState
  2. HUGE!!! Just need to make sure he gets some protection on the line!
  3. 🔥
  4. We need to keep Post human led and not bot led. Adding an avatar that represents you and giving your profile some love help.
  5. Italics: *text* Bold: **text** Strikethrough: ~~text~~ Fixed width: `text` For those interested in formatting your Posts, it is similar to the editing found on Discord and other text-based tools.
  6. Peacock!
  7. On a brighter note... Basketball!
  8. As I watch the OSU & MI game... what is this thing they speak of (offense)...sigh
  9. Black Friday means one thing! Oh yeah, and win the West! Let’s go Hawks! Find A Way!
  10. Wow! It's been so fun to meet so many new people today as more posties join the site. Welcome everyone. I did a post the other day with some suggestions for how to settle in here, and it's gotten some

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