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  1. Did Trump's lawyers just admit to the court that Donald incited the insurrection on January 6th? Today, Donald Trump's attorneys filed a motion to disqualify Judge Tanya Chutkan based on things she has said in previous trials for January 6th rioters. They cite two examples: In US
  2. "Elon Musk forced Ukraine to drop a planned naval drone strike in the Black Sea by refusing access to the Starlink satellite network, according to a US report."
  3. BREAKING: In a win for voters, Pennsylvania Republicans withdraw their appeal of a decision that upheld Act 77, a state law that established no-excuse mail-in voting. The Republicans' challenge to the law is over and Act 77 will remain in place.
  4. We have a week left to make sure Issue 1 crashes and burns in Ohio's August 8th election! Today's the last day to request an absentee ballot in Ohio, although at this point it'd be better to vote early in person or on election day =)
  5. A recent letter to the republican chair of the House Ways and Means Committee about their "testimony" from an IRS "whistleblower" named Shapely, Hunter Biden lawyer Abbe Lowell indicates that republican members of congress may have been suborning perjury - which is a crime. (Lett
  6. By Rakim Brooks While Harlan Crow and Senate Democrats continue to exchange letters regarding his improper relationship with Justice Clarence Thomas, Texas Republicans are taking a hardline against corruption in their state. You read that right. Proceeding from the first principle
  7. That is hillarious. Even I see Ukraine onnthat map, but no Russia.
  8. Another one. #NotADragQueen
  9. By Caroline Sullivan In 2021, Republican affiliated groups and individuals filed seven voting and election lawsuits. Within the first eight months of 2022, similar groups had already filed 41 lawsuits , a number that would swell even higher by the end of the year. Behind this surge
  10. Not just Alexander the Great, there are myths around his pet dog too
  11. Gotta love @GOP infighting. And while I’m not in love with @MittRomney, he has always had a certain decency most of today’s #GOP lacks. When he was governor of #MA he signed a #healthcare law that provided near-universal health insurance access.
  12. What parenting move was the most "pot calling the kettle black" you've ever seen? In 1940, dad left the family farm to be the first person in his family to go to college. Twice each year, he hitchhiked 164 miles to get home. At college he lived on a farm where he rose before dawn,
  13. In case anyone still harbors any doubt that McCarthy cares about national security.
  14. I ❤️ #science
  15. Aiming directly at DeSantis and Florida, Haymarket publishing is offering free e-books about Black History. "The racist governor of Florida continues to escalate his attacks on the freedom to learn and teach history." #Politics #F l o rida #Books
  16. #blackhistorymonth #blackpost

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