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A feisty Dem that’s sick and tired of liars and cheats. All likes, posts and reposts reflect my personal opinions, points of view, queries or perspectives.

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  1. Anyone know if the plan is to make this thing an app? Going back and forth to an article and back to the feed is very clunky and it doesn’t put you back where you were and other slightly frustrating t
  2. Power to Ukraine 🇺🇦!
  3. 🤙🏼
  4. I cannot wait for this to be an app. Hopefully then when you go back and forth to your feed it doesn’t jump back to what you’ve already read. I’m liking it so far!
  5. #Missing Karissma 16 years old was last seen on December 6, 2022 in #Gooding , #Idaho . She may be in the company of an adult male.
  6. A fast-spreading covid-19 outbreak in China has researchers predicting a surge in virus-related deaths next year, with several analyses forecasting more than 1 million fatalities in a country that unt
  7. Follow!
  8. Apart from getting vaccinated, the government is not giving easy to follow advice about the holidays, and we are in a COVID surge, so please: 1️⃣ Isolate for several days before you travel 2️⃣ Wear an
  9. Please give. Our Ukranian friends are in for a rough winter. World Central Kitchen Ukraine
  10. “Black Ravens” of the 🇺🇦93rd Mechanized Brigade fought bravely for Bakhmut. Day and night, in mud, rain, snow and wind they held their ground. Look at these faces. Ukrainian defenders👇 #ukraine #photography
  11. Lost my 13 yo Golden almost 2 years ago. Now I gotta deal with these assholes…
  12. Check out my “Following” list—a curated selection of great follows in politics, journalism, entertainment, tech, art, and law—for many, many more surprises beyond those below. I hope you’ll share this
  13. It is a sad reality that we need statements of this nature. The reality of pregnancy, however, is that it is unpredictable. Access to life saving care is no longer guaranteed when you cross state line

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