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Real-Life Electrician

Likes: Banjos, Irish Whiskey, dogs, IBEW 212 Dislikes: The rise of American fascism.

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  1. The Punk-in

    This popped up in my memories on another site and reminded me: we used to carve pumpkins! As it was more of a punk-in, I gave it an a-side and a b-side. I regret that I didn't take better pictures, but it was 2010 and I didn't know better. Anyway, Happy #Halloween !!
  2. Four years ago this week, we vacationed in Melbourne, Australia. On this particular day, we picked up a rented Harley early in the morning and made for the Great Ocean Road. It was rush hour traffic o
  3. "Lock him Up"

    A question for Legal Post: Does anyone see any real possibility that the disgraced former President will take even a single breath inside a jail cell? For years now I have argued the points below, but
  4. As the other place turns sour, it seems appropriate to start my time here with a pallette cleansing photo of my dog. This is Finn, standing his watch, always ready to defend against the marauding hord

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