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Tim Abell


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (see bio)

Maryland, USA

Senior Software Developer / Systems Architect. Progressive political activist. Modern Monetary Theory () student & advocate. Huge Washington Capitals fan!

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  1. If you're posting something short, or posting from mobile, these text shortcuts should come in handy: 1) Want italic text? Put one asterisk * at the beginning and end of the desired text. 2) Want bold
  2. In the browsers URL bar, use the following URL: Enter the hashtag keyword after “topic/“ Example using #cats
  3. First post; first impressions

    Been poking around since I got off the waitlist. It's still raw and unpolished (to be expected) but has potential, so I'll stick around and hope it evolves the way we all (well, many of us, anyway) ho

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