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Dad. Husband. Marketer. Writer. Hobbyist Coder. I am not a deep diver but a surface level wanderer. I like to bounce around topics, interests, and my writing will often reflect that chaotic style. I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. This is an absolute perfect article that says everything I want to say in a much better way.
  2. Hashtags seem to play an important role here on post. What do you think? #questions #postnews #learning #forfun Reposting because I didn't spell check 🤣
  3. If you are interested in coding, drawing, writing, gamedev, and random thoughts come give me a follow! Looking forwarding to connecting.
  4. The Life We...Deserve?

    This is basically a stream of consciousness post. There will be plenty of bits to pick apart. Sometimes, I just feel a need to write things out and hopefully get some feedback from anyone who reads it
  5. Should you repost a blog you wrote somewhere else here or link out to it?
  6. I also like to learn how to draw. Learned some bubbles the other day. #art #drawing #digitalart #bubbles
  7. I like making games and Lemonade Stand is my first fully completed one. Come try it out for free! #games #gaming #indiedev #pico8 #pixelart
  8. What do we post on post? Short quips? Full blog articles? Research papers? Memes? Questions about what to post on post? I need your help!
  9. So Long Stadia

    As the Google Stadia refunds start coming in, I wanted to take a moment to wade through the “I told you so’s” of Stadia’s demise. I have to admit, I was pretty bummed out by the news. Was Stadia the p
  10. Hello fellow posters. This is my first post! Looking forward to exploring everything that has to offer and hopefully finding some interesting people to follow!

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