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  1. #Commanders host the 49ers Sunday at FedEx Field, and if you want to hear about an #NFL owner who would make Dan Snyder look like a Boy Scout, check out Eddie DeBartolo, the former 49ers owner who once owed $200,000 to the most ruthless mob boss in the country, according to a boo
  2. Charlie Brotman, the man with a ringside seat for much of the last century of Washington history, will turn 96 Saturday. He’s been welcomed pretty much everywhere, and, while visiting Brotman recently, he revealed this simple reason why: “I find it easy to be easy with people.” M
  3. Where did #Commanders coach Ron Rivera go wrong? By accepting the owner’s quarterback as his own as soon as he took the job. By living with Dwayne Haskins right from the start. Rivera past failed to heed the words of Rivera future. My column
  4.  In these dismal final days of the #Commanders season, fans may find themselves in a typical state of mind – seeking solace in the rich history of this franchise. A new book about Hall of Fame coach George Allen is a new place to find those memories. My column
  5. Sports Fix 2.0 with me & @kevinsheehanDC — Transparent Ted and his higher calling; Sam Howell and a #Commanders win over the Jets; plus Variety's list of The Top 100 Greatest TV Shows Of All Time.
  6. Sports Fix 2.0 with me & @kevinsheehanDC — the benching of Sam Howell and how Ron Rivera wasted a #Commanders season; our favorite all-time RB; the fabulous Godzilla movie and how Kevin forgot I predicted Jacoby Brissett would play in Rams game
  7. #Commanders coach Ron Rivera made a foolish commitment by dedicating this season, after three seasons of failing to post a winning record, to developing a fifth-round draft pick quarterback. He wasted a season for his players. We saw that when Jacoby Brissett finally got on the f
  8. Sports Fix 2.0 with me & @kevinsheehanDC — more reaction to Transparent Ted Leonsis and the #Wizards & #Capitals heading to NoVa; where did #Commanders coach Ron Rivera go wrong? Plus hearing aids
  9. Sports Fix 2.0 with me & @kevinsheehanDC — Transparent Ted Leonsis and the #Wizards & #Capitals leaving the District; what it means for Josh Harris and the #Commanders , plus the Shohei Ohtani contract
  10. Fifty years ago, the first week of December could have been one of the all-time weeks in sports in Washington, right up there among the best. Could have been. My column
  11. Sports Fix 2.0 with me & @kevinsheehanDC — why the #Commanders raising ticket prices is tone deaf; Eric Bieniemy takes a beating in #ESPN story; the #NBA In-Season tournament and #Wizards tanking; plus my trip to Top Golf
  12. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it’s college football. The AFLAC boys – Nick and Deion – did all right by themselves this college football season. One was named SI Sportsperson of the Year with a 4-8 team. The other bumped off a more deserving team to get in
  13. Sports Fix 2.0 with me & @kevinsheehanDC — why this #Commanders season feels like one of the worst ever; Ron Rivera declares growth off limits; FSU and the CFP controversy; plus the Christmas spirit
  14. Sunday was the #Commanders Fan Appreciation Game at Fed Ex Field. The team didn’t show much appreciation in a 45-15 loss. But Miami QB Tua Tagovailoa got into the spirit of the day. “I can’t remember an away game where we had that much support…we really appreciate that as players
  15. The Major League Baseball winter meetings start Sunday in Nashville, and #Nationals GM Mike Rizzo better be shopping for more than Garth Brooks T-shirts. My column
  16. Sports Fix 2.0 with me & @kevinsheehanDC — Ron Rivera’s #Commanders defense; Thom Loverro’s Commanders offense; my Sunday Dolphins game prediction; my Baseball HOF ballot arrives in the mail: and Henry Kissinger
  17. Four managers are on the Contemporary Baseball Era Committee Hall of Fame ballot up for a vote Saturday. Former #Nationals manager Davey Johnson is one of them. He belongs in Cooperstown. My column
  18. Sports Fix 2.0 with me & @kevinsheehanDC — carving up Thanksgiving leftovers — #Commanders offense, Terry McLaurin, Sam Howell, Eric Bieniemy, plus the bones of Jack Del Rio. Plus why doesn’t Kevin talk more about the #Terps
  19. Jack Del Rio really must have wanted to be the Washington #Commanders defensive coordinator. Last year he paid $100,000 to keep the job — perhaps the only coach in Washington, D.C., history fined for talking politics. My column
  20. Alex Smith didn’t leave Washington football fans with a lot of great memories. But one he did leave was a rare Thanksgiving win over the #Cowboys . On Thursday in Dallas, #Commanders QB Sam Howell will try to become just the third quarterback to make the Thanksgiving meal taste a

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