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I think therefore I am dangerous.

A delicate rose with long pointy thorns. Snark is my default setting.  Rescue is my favorite breed. Writer, Reader, Pagan, Veggie Grower Madly in Love with my Chef GF (Also on Hive, Tribel, Spoutable, & Counter)

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  1. Especially in flori-duh. Where we voted to return voting rights to felons who've done their time. Ronda and crew won't allow it.
  2. Is Wells Fargo run by the mob?
  3. The game is afoot!

    If you know people in Florida that do mail-in voting, please tell them to go to their County's Supervisor of Elections website and check their mail-in status. Even if they think they've already done so, tell them to check again. They just made me add an email and phone number an
  4. The state of Florida's education system is in such trouble
  5. Something that needs to really be talked about.
  6. #Wookiee
  7. Welp
  8. #Dogs #DogsOfPost #DogsOnPost #PostDogs #DogsPost Theo and Olaf
  9. They rolled over and bared their quivering pale bellies like the little punk beeches that they are!
  10. I wonder how they are existing on the same plane of existence as me and yet refuse to see the truth. The delusion is that deep
  11. Could not have said this better
  12. 90 million to build something called Cop City in ATL? How many other cities are planning something similar?
  13. No confidence

    NGL, this batch of questionably elected buffoons makes me want to retire to another country in the next few years. As a BW of a certain age, my experiences as well as the current state of govt, do no
  14. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is really good. #SciFiIsMyJam #StarTrekLife
  15. The Crud

    I caught some kind of nasty something that I'm hoping aint covid. The headache alone is enough to make me lose my mind. The coughs too! ugh n95s here I come again
  16. Just a newbie checking things out

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