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  1. Today, The Xylom has been named a finalist in News & Journalism: Sustainability, Environment, & Climate for the 2023 Anthem Awards! Help us win the Anthem Community Voice award by celebrating The Xylom at the link below! Voting closes on Dec 21st! From now until 12/31, all donatio
  2. "Cop City" Coverage You Can Trust.

    The City of Atlanta deleted a press release after we found multiple false claims about their "environmental stewardship" of "Cop City". Triple your impact on #GivingTuesday (or as we call it, #GivingNewsDay !) Support independent coverage you can trust: #atlanta #copcity #nonprofit
  3. “We Are Suffering”: Despite Steps Taken, Gas Flaring Still Threatens Livelihoods in Niger Delta

    NEW: Nigeria has reduced its gas flaring by a third since 2019. But that is a function of reduced oil production levels, not of any regulatory success. Ekpali Saint speaks to Niger Delta residents who are bearing the brunt of environmental health impacts: 🧪 #originalcontent #nige
  4. Good news: through 12/31, NewsMatch and The Miami Foundation will match your new monthly donation 24x (or one-time gift 3x), up to $1,000. This will help us continue to build a stronger, better-informed world! Let's grow science with words together. Give today:
  5. JUST IN: Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoes SB403, a bill that would have banned caste discrimination in California. From our archives, here's an essay from contributor Siddhant Pusdekar about caste discrimination in STEM, both in India and stateside:
  6. Congrats to our contributor Sanjana Paul for being selected to the Grist 50! From our archives, check out her essay, "Who Gets to be a Climate Innovator?": #originalcontent #climate #innovation #equity #essay
  7. We love thinking about how our coverage can better inform, engage, and empower you. That's why we are partnering with the Solutions Journalism Network to pilot the What’s Working Factbox. Embedded within our stories, the window connects you with articles from the Solutions Story T
  8. Check out a message from our Newsroom Fellow Shreya Agrawal in our newsletter: #science #climate #agriculture #environment #news #originalcontent
  9. A Journey Through My Microbiome: An Immigrant’s Perspective on a Changing Gut

    PERSPECTIVE: When Manasvi Verma moved over 8,000 miles from New Delhi, India to St. Louis, she ate less of her Dadi's kadhi, but more of her roommate's mom's chicken noodle casserole. How has that changed her from the inside out and the outside in? #OriginalContent #India #StLouis
  10. Thanks to a generous reader, we now have five (5) Bluesky invite codes to give out to the first five people who reply with a screenshot of any donation to The Xylom. Get a friend off Twitter, and support our nonprofit science reporting! #nonprofit #science #health #environment #cl
  11. We whittled 35 applicants down to one... Introducing our Newsroom Fellow Shreya Agrawal! 👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾

    Shreya started USC Annenberg Media's Earth Desk and was their Rural Climate Reporting Fellow in Southeast Oregon. She will join us in early September. This position is only made possible thanks to your generosity and the Google News Equity Fund. Every third dollar you donate dire
  12. If Phylogenetic Sense Be Something Biologists Wish

    Nearly two decades in, researchers are still debating which creature is the closest living relative to all animals. Are new methods getting them any closer? Rohini Subrahmanyam asks. #biology #evolution #sponge #jellyfish #science #research #news
  13. Twice a month, we send you our favorite science stories you should read, with a focus on the American South! Join our mailing list now: #science #health #environment #climate #news #journalism #xforxylom
  14. Thank you to the folks at the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing for including us in their #CASWConnector database! This is how we grow science with words. Check out our archive of essays, resources, and more for early-career science writers, from early-career science
  15. Our editor @alexip718 met with #ComSciCon23 attendees, including our own Gina Errico! We're proud to be back as a ComSciCon publication partner and help early-career science writers hone their craft through the pitching process. This is how we grow scienc
  16. In the Shadow of Mumbai’s Coastal Road, Fishermen Ponder Their Future — If Any

    The 2022 IPCC Sixth Assessment Report did not mince words when it comes to Mumbai's Coastal Road (MCR), an eight-lane, $1.5B seawalled superhighway built on reclaimed land along the Arabian Coast: “The MCR project aimed at reducing flood risk and protecting against [sea-level ris
  17. Thank you to Dr. Kim Cobb ( @coralsncaves ) for our largest individual donation since we joined the Open Collective platform! For every three dollars raised, one dollar directly goes to our Newsroom Fellow (interviews start next week!) Support the future of
  18. On one side of Lake Nakuru National Park is Kenya's third-largest city. The other three are dotted with villages where residents encounter hyenas, which some perceive as a threat. How does Christine Wilkinson, Ph.D. work with locals to ensure everyone thrives? https://www.thexylom
  19. Here's what our readers, peers, and elected officials are saying about The Xylom's "Cop City" coverage:

    "A lot of you have asked me how I’ve been able to learn so much about 'Cop City', it’s because of people like [...] (Editor-in-Chief Alex Ip) [...] Give them a follow for really insightful coverage." -- Rep. Ruwa Romman, the first Muslim woman to be elected to the Georgia State Ho
  20. Hyena Helpers for Human-predator Harmony

    NEW: To wrap up Pride Month, Navya Pothamsetty spoke to Christine Wilkinson, Ph.D. about her research: why humans run into conflict with hyenas and coyotes, how lived experiences and values shape these interactions, and what we can do to live with mesopredators in harmony. #kenya

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