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  1. There are currently 9 CURRENT MEMBERS OF CONGRESS (2 Senators and 7 House Members) who are OLDER than Emmett Till would have been if he were alive today. It wasn’t that long ago.
  2. Comparing Presidential Economic Metrics

    #Bidenomics Trump inherited a 4.7% unemployment rate from Obama. Biden inherited a 6.3% unemployment rate from Trump. But the unemployment rate under Biden has been LOWER than it had been under Trump for 16 of the first 29 months of their respective terms. And in addition to the u
  3. Voter Turnout and Control of Government

    We get the government we vote for - or that we DON'T vote for because we sit out elections and other citizens make the decisions for us. Here is the turnout rate for recent Presidential year federal elections and its impact on the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. And
  4. How Third Party and "Other" Votes Affected the 2016 Election

    What is the impact of voting Third Party? Well, Trump would never have become President in 2016 had simply half the third-party voters in selected states voted for whoever the second-place candidate was in their states. If half the third-party voters in 2016 had voted for whoever
  5. This Flag is Our Flag

    I’m proud to be an American. American history is not perfect. America has a lot of great elements in our history as well as a number of simply terrible elements in our history. No one should ever sugar coat it, But we are a country that, eventually, corrects our own mistakes. Amer
  6. SCOTUS Vacancy Statistics

    The longest time in the last 100 years SCOTUS has gone without a vacancy: 11 Years, 1 month 8/3/1994 (retirement of Blackmun) until 9/3/2005 (death of Rehnquist) The shortest time between vacancies: 6 Days 9/17/1971 (retirement of Black) and 9/23/1971 (retirement of Harlan). There
  7. China is restricting the exports of two metals key to the manufacturing of semiconductors, escalating a technological trade war with Europe and the U.S. over access to microchips.
  8. How Donald Trump Lost Most of the Close States in 2020 and Won North Carolina and Florida

    Those of you who follow me know that I have spent a lot of time and effort doing my part to defeat Trump's Big Lie by putting the facts of the election into charts, maps and interesting facts that should help rational people know that the Big Lie is a lie. Here's some more ... The
  9. How Voting Affects the Supreme Court

    As part of my mission to get Americans to vote, I want to use the topic of the day, the Supreme Court, to help people understand how THEIR vote affects the composition of the Supreme Court. And why voting matters. First of all, let's review how Justices get their positions. A lot
  10. Disclosure: I've worked in tech for 20+ years, the past six in the ad tech field, which is very adjacent to the social media field. We work hand in hand on a lot of things. Disclaimer: This is all speculative on my part. But I have some receipts. : ) Gather around children and l
  11. Twitter is having a meltdown, and it’s no longer even fun to watch it melt. It’s just depressing.
  12. Elon Musk gets a reply from Auschwitz Memorial on rate limits. A sad situation I hadn’t anticipated
  13. Twitter's recent implementation of a post reading limit, requiring a verified blue checkmark to access more than 800 posts, is an unnecessary and frustrating restriction. This limit undermines Twitter's inclusive nature and hampers the free flow of information. It creates a hierar
  14. Donald Trump LOST

    Here is (most of) my research into the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, corroborating the fact that Trump lost and showing how and why he lost. The election was NOT "stolen" or "rigged." Anyone who says that it was is either intentionally lying, really gullible or just not very sm
  15. Hypocrisy Over the National Debt

    Just because a lot of GOP politicians who were completely silent about the #NationalDebt , the federal budget deficit between 2017-2021 are now all vocal again, let's remember how we got all this debt. It didn't come from one side. And Trump increased it by 39% in just 4 years. App
  16. No, the Republican Party is Not the Party of Fiscal Discipline.

    Look at this chart one more time, as you listen to (mostly Republican) politicians talk about how spending has gone out of control. Look at the periods where the Federal Deficit (what we take in minus
  17. Classy! I know it’s “just business,” but there are other ways to get out of a lease. Facing eviction, Twitter closes Seattle office, reports say
  18. Truth. #ukraine #walterreport #photography #news #democracy #postphotos #postplaces #art #war #politics
  19. If you blame Pete Buttigieg for the failures of Southwest Airlines, you have absolutely no understanding of the role and function of government. It’s like blaming the NFL Commissioner for the Texans l
  20. God Doesn’t Like That

    I have a very difficult time squaring what I read in the Bible with this Christian Nationalism heresy that defends the January 6th insurrection and embraces political violence. It’s almost like they’re

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