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Romit Mehta


Product (Data platforms and infrastructure)

SF Bay Area

Data platforms and infrastructure product. Love tech news and sports. Went to USC and follow college football, NFL, some NBA, and very little cricket. Drink good coffee and good scotch.

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  1. Really hate to do this, but #Edge once again made my new tab page open in "content visible" mode with all the junk news displayed. I will be moving off it as my default browser. Really wish #Safari still worked on Windows, because now I have to resort to #Chrome since it works ev
  2. #HappyThanksgiving from the #PostTeam to all of you! #PostNewFeatures . - Create a hashtag: type in the composer a # and the word, add a space, and tah-dah! Examples: #pie or #DogsofPost - Find content
  3. Bracing myself for travel on the day before Thanksgiving. Checking a bag in and have a layover, so lots of stuff that can go wrong. #reversejinx
  4. The mastermind of one of the biggest failures at Microsoft (Windows 8) is out there showing his true colors on the bird site - being one of the stereotypical VC types, thinking โ€œBig Mediaโ€ is out to g
  5. This is where we are as of now: 152,000 on waitlist 7,000 invited waitlisters 6,700 activated Posters 1 piece of content taken down Be nice to each other, we are all we've got. Noam
  6. Introduction

    Five things that I am interested in, besides #data #analytics and #dataplatform in general: #sports - #nfl (#Seahawks), #nba (#lakers #Spurs, #Warriors), #cricket (India, #MumbaiIndians, #SachinTendul
  7. At Post, we are building a community for safe, authentic and editorialized information โ€“ built by real people for real people. We all need to accept some basic rules to keep it that way. The followin
  8. ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿฝ๐ŸŒŽ

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