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  2. By: Steve Gorman LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - U.S. Navy veteran Louis Conter, the last surviving crew member from the battleship USS Arizona, which was destroyed by Japanese warplanes in the attack on Pearl Harbor more than eight decades ago, has died at age 102. Conter, who flew bombin
  3. It was once thought that concussion happens only if someone loses consciousness, but neurologists now recognize that most concussions involve a transient alteration in consciousness. Causes of concussion include falls (especially in older adults), car accidents, and sports injurie
  4. "According to the researchers, a high risk of bias in the included trials reduces the quality of their results, and they advise that more high-quality research be conducted to ensure that this finding is accurate. Still, this study reflects the best evidence available on how to p
  5. This interesting article is about the skin and changes with stroke, Parkinson's, and more. And a good reminder that these things happen in a body, and looking at the whole picture is important. Article
  6. If you or someone you know needs mental health resources and support, please call, text, or chat with the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline or for 24/7 access to free and confidential services.
  7. Instead of venting it out, and cementing it firmly, the article suggests meditation and a moment of pause. It also lists three questions you can ask yourself to help get recentered. Managing anger is often not something we teach people the steps of how to move forward and through
  8. " Take Your Time Moving Through Grief When it comes to coping with grief and loss, perhaps the best tip is to simply give yourself patience and time. We can’t speed up, predict, or opt out of the process, and that’s OK. Some days, you may find yourself exhausted; other days, you’ll
  9. "“I did go to a psychiatrist [back then], but I felt like he was so smart and so schooled that it wasn’t at my level and someone I could relate to," he continued. Welch concluded, "He had all the book answers, but in the meantime, I didn’t have a group, I didn’t have the community
  10. From the article: Buettner and his team identified nine common denominators that contribute to longer and happier lives, which fall into four key themes: related to natural movement, wise eating, connection, and outlook.
  11. Interesting article and one of the things it points out is the distance between making an appointment and the actual appointment being problematic. Unfortunately, this is more and more common for necessary and needed appointments, pushing out the day to discuss mental health meds
  12. San Diego

    Once surface trash is removed, an honest conversation also needs to happen about the forever chemicals, the heavy metals, and other toxins that are layered, on top of layers and layers out there. This needs a funded solution. It's in the air, the groundwater, the ocean, the sand/
  13. Not only do people live in the area impacted, and deal with health issues because of it - but border patrol works in this, and the military works and trains in this. It's a daily issue, DAILY ISSUE that The Gov of CA still hasn't signed off as an emergency, and the feds still hav
  14. I like how they had a couple of context examples in the article. -- "“It’s not that aMCI patients have lost the ability to process syntax or put complex sentences together, or lost words; it’s that they’re showing a deficit when the mind has to figure out whether to stay in the s
  15. I saw first hand how they created a food desert in a very low income area in National City, selling high processed foods for the bucks. I feel for the people losing their jobs, but I am good with the no longer taking advantage of folks that need actual food at low prices.
  16. "When used correctly, self-dialogue can have incredible benefits for your mental health. But what are these benefits, you ask? ...Let’s start at the beginning. Self-dialogue is not just about talking to oneself, it’s about listening too."
  17. 6) They cultivate compassion
  18. "An experimental treatment for Alzheimer's disease involving sounds and flickering lights has shown promise in mice and people. Now, research suggests the novel approach ramps up our brain’s waste disposal networks"
  19. Interesting concept, that looks to serve a small segment of the inmates with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Considering that jail and prison are often the way that communities deal with mental illness, I can't help but wonder if they also plan a facility for that a

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