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Chief candle maker

I am a professional candle maker. My website is and I’m a political junkie.

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  1. I’m technically Dr. Seth Abramson (and also Attorney Seth Abramson), and for years I was Professor Seth Abramson, too. I didn’t particularly like any of those forms of address—but I sure as hell earned them, and would not have taken kindly to being stripped of them by a jealous fo
  2. Elon is throwing a tantrum. #byetwitter
  3. Yes we can still deliver your gifts on time for Christmas.
  4. Twitter is burning down. Good riddance.
  5. You still have time for your Christmas gifts shopping. Visit .
  6. Done with Twitter. Post is my home now. ❤️
  7. Emm... Well... 😏
  8. It’s #smallbusinesssaturday Shop small, shop exclusive.
  9. Rest in peace, Irene Cara. ❤️

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