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Don't mind me.

Fled the Muskapades. There are/will be many people on here that are smarter, wittier, more erudite, and informed than me. I'd just like to listen, thanks.

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  1. Hard cold truth.
  2. Boom
  3. Stopping gun violence is such a complex issue that only every other advanced nation in the entire world has figured it out.
  4. They come to your shore, take your land, deliberately spread small pox and other diseases, kill your buffalo, rape your women, massacre your people, break treaties, and segregate you without national representation. They come to your neighborhood, take your property, force you in
  5. Indeed
  6. Yes.
  7. Harlan Crow, Clarence Thomas's sugar daddy, owns a copy of Mein Kampf -- signed by Hitler. There is an un-American, un-democratic cabal trying to take over our country from within.
  8. Yes! This.
  9. Murdoch knew his hosts were using the biggest megaphone to broadcast the biggest lies about our election. He could have stopped them but he didn’t. All in the name of profit. But what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?
  10. Political writer Rick Wilson summed it up: “They knew Trump lost. They knew there was not then (nor is there now) a scintilla of fraud. They knew, and lied. Over, and over, and over. They chose guests they knew were lying. They allowed story meetings promoting a massive, dangerou
  11. This.
  12. Kevin McCarthy added a secret three-page addendum to the rules package containing the most controversial concessions in order to secure the votes of the most dangerous members of Congress. The American
  13. You have Black friends, colleagues, you are married to one, you never say the N-word, you don't think you are superior... and yet somehow you'll do or say something you find innocent and people will c
  14. If you are not following what is happening in court, you are not following what is happening to democracy.
  15. This from the 1/6 Committee report is one of the most important points that I am afraid will be overlooked. After the election, it was never close. Trump had zero chance. But so many Republicans went
  16. Yes!
  17. Intro

    Suspending journalists is pretty much the limit for me. Or maybe it was the Trump trading cards. I don't even know anymore. My father died a few weeks ago, he died the day after his 92nd birthday.

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