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Historian of Cold War stuff. Wrote some stuff, did some things, went places. Opinions are mine, not my employer's.

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  1. I didn't know the legend of the White Buffalo (and now I see the white buffalo imagery in the latest season of Umbrella Academy in a different light) - this was a cool, short overview of it.
  2. Live from the Speaker's office. We live in "Kevin Can F##K Himself" times. #speakerofthehouse
  3. Am I enjoying seeing McCarthy fail to become #SpeakeroftheHouse? You bet your third ballot I am. Should this continue? Yes, please. Should the Democrats nominate a moderate and try to peel off 20 Repu
  4. 31 years ago today, that awful experiment called the Soviet Union finally gasped its final breath and died. While that was undoubtedly a great day, this song touches upon the "shades of grey" about mod
  5. In a move surprising no one, FIA does what FIA does best: make a lot of noise and then punish the troublemakers. Does anyone doubt that the whole "Lewis needs to take all his jewelry off" this season
  6. Have you ever wondered why Microsoft never quite got the handle of phones and music players and (until more recently) tablets? Wonder no more. Exhibit one million!
  7. #twitterstorians unite, you have nothing to lose but your bird-induced anxiety and anger.*
  8. This is useful. Much more useful than Tom was. 😉 #myspacethrowback

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