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President and CEO of my life

Costa Rica via New Jersey

Living la pura vida. Resisting trumpism from my Costa Rican paradise. Father, grandfather, woodturner, business owner, lover of nature. See my stuff at

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  1. It’s confirm more judges o’clock. I love beating people at their own game.
  2. Please.
  3. Some more of my work. Am I really the only #woodturner on Post? #woodturning #CostaRica
  4. Now you can own a timeless and fashionable collectible commemorating the very first inside joke on Post! Introducing, The Dohicky Collection. 100% of the profits will be donated to the Ukrainian charity
  5. Can y’all repost this post to let folks know I’m on this dohicky?
  6. Game. Set. Match... I rule in favor of Tim Cook and Apple...
  7. DO NOT Deactivate your Twitter account. REPURPOSE it to drive people to POST!
  8. My favorite thing about Post is it doesn’t have Nazis on it. It’s a nice change of pace.
  9. Let’s GOOOO, Georgia!
  10. This is what I do in my spare time. #woodturning in #CostaRica
  11. So glad to see so many wonderful and familiar faces here.
  12. Watching the lack of wide scale outrage that Trump met with Nick Fuentes, a proud white supremacist weak soft boy, is a sad sign of our times. People are depleted of “outrage juice.” But we cannot let
  13. I’m sorry but this is funny. And sad. And true.
  14. Snoozin'
  15. Is there an android app for this yet? #android #PostAndroid
  16. In case you thought the GOP was going to support the peaceful transfer of power. In Arizona, Maricopa County officials are under threat and in hiding, the Republican-controlled Senate issued an absurd
  17. Is this thing on?

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