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  1. Cheap Flights to Japan & Flying FAQs

    Looking for cheap flights for your trip to Japan? Then take a look below at the best airfares to Japan right now and for my tips on flying to Japan. Includes the cheapest, best and most expensive times to fly to Japan, plus flying to Japan FAQs. #flightstojapan #japanflights #chea
  2. Recent updates from The Real Japan...

    * Driving in Japan: Kyushu or Okinawa? * 12 Must-Try Outdoor Activities in Japan * Sip Your Way to Bliss: 5 Best Hiroshima Coffee Shops for Java Lovers * Question Time! Budgeting For Travel in Japan #TheRealJapan #Japantravel #drivinginjapan #outdoorjapan #coffee #japancoffee #hirosh
  3. Exploring Teaching Opportunities in Japan (Including the JET Program)

    Teaching English in Japan has long been a good way to get your new life in the country started. While there are multiple teaching opportunities in Japan, it’s easier said than done, right? This article tells you exactly how to overcome several of the most common obstacles, and inc
  4. NEW! 12 Must-Try Outdoor Activities in Japan

    Breathtaking vistas, rich culture, and diverse landscapes make Japan a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. From the powdery slopes of Hokkaido to the palm-fringed beaches of Okinawa, Japan’s nature impresses at every turn. As you plan your travels, make time for hikes through lush f
  5. 5 Best Hiroshima Coffee Shops for Java Lovers

    Beyond the serene Peace Park and sobering A-Bomb Dome, Hiroshima has blossomed into a vibrant, forward-looking city with charming secrets, including cosy coffee houses in love with quality roasts and laid-back atmospheres. When you need a peaceful, rejuvenating sightseeing break,
  6. NEW! Kyoto City Guide - Must-Sees & New Discoveries

    Local expert and author of the Hidden Paths series of Japan guidebooks, Phillip Jackson unveils the secrets of Kyoto, opening up the city for exploration beyond the well-known sights... #kyoto #kyotocityguide #kyototravelguide #hiddenkyoto #kyotosecrets #TheRealJapan #Japantravel
  7. 🇯🇵 Travel Japan Without Knowing Japanese! 🗾

    Get your hands on the UPDATED Second Edition of "How to Travel in Japan Without Speaking Japanese" PDF guide. Inside you'll discover: ✅ How to expertly navigate Japan's famous public transport system ✅ 10 FREE translation apps for your trip ✅ 32 key travel phrases to know ✅ The latest
  8. Latest Updates from The Real Japan...

    5 Captivating Day Trips From Osaka Discovering Japan’s Ainu Culture at Japan House London 2024 Sumo Schedule Top 3 Blog Posts of 2023 #osakadaytrips #osaka #ainu #japanhouse #sumo #TheRealJapan #Japantravel #Japantrip #Japan #Japanguide #Japantravelplan #japantravelplanning #Japantri
  9. The Ainu – Japan’s Forgotten People

    In northern Japan, on the main island of Honshu, and the nothern-most island of Hokkaido are where the Ainu, Japan's little-known indigenous people, live. #ainu #hokkaido #tohoku #TheRealJapan #Japantravel #Japan #Japanese #Japaneseculture #indigenouspeoples #arctolatry #lostkamuy
  10. Latest Updates from The Real Japan

    * Japan travel Black Friday Deals (up to 75% off accommodation) * Access Japan-only content using ExpressVPN's Aircove router * Trending Japan cities to visit * Japan Travel Planning Hubs - everything you need to start your travel plans #japanblackfriday #blackfridayjapan #japantrav
  11. Kobe Luminarie: Japan’s Most Dazzling (And Moving) Light Festival

    The Kobe Luminarie is a spectacular light festival held every year in Kobe, Hyōgo Prefecture, first appearing in 1995. It commemorates the Great Hanshin earthquake of that year, acting as a beacon of hope and recovery. This stunning, multicoloured, huge display of millions of tin
  12. Pre-orders on my Hiroshima Google Map are now open!

    This is your only chance to secure your copy of my Hiroshima City Guide Google Map - Buy Now and SAVE 45% on the launch price! OFFER ENDS 17 November Hiroshima City Guide Google Map Heading to Hiroshima? Get access to my personally-curated and interactive Hiroshima Google Map. It con
  13. Universal Studios Japan (USJ) - Ultimate Guide (2024 Edition)

    I've given my popular Ultimate Guide to Universal Studios Japan (aka USJ) an update for 2024 as there's been a lot happening there lately. Updates include de tails on attraction closures and renovations (meaning temporary closures), plus GetYourGuide has started selling USJ tickets

    Win Osaka e-Passes: FREE Entry to 30+ Attractions! The Osaka e-Pass is the essential pass for a trip to Osaka. Passes offer FREE admission to more than 30 of Osaka's most popular attractions and sightseeing spots. #japangiveaway #giveawayjapan #giveaway #therealjapan #japantravel #
  15. Japan Travel Giveaway! Win Osaka e-Passes: Free Entry to 30+ Attractions!

    Japan Travel Giveaway! Win Osaka e-Passes: Free Entry to 30+ Attractions! The Osaka e-Pass is the essential pass for a trip to Osaka. Passes offer FREE admission to more than 30 of Osaka's most popular attractions and sightseeing spots. Attractions include the Umeda Sky Building,
  16. 5 Great Value Osaka Attraction Passes That Save You Time and Money

    Ah, Osaka! If there's one city in Japan that kinda has it all, it's Osaka. The city is known for its vibrant culture (and sometimes heady nightlife), delicious street food scene, and fun and diverse attractions (including Universal Studios Japan and Super Nintendo World). There's a
  17. Hiroshima City Guide – Interactive Google Map

    Get 45% Off! Join the Waitlist I'll soon be releasing my new range of interactive Google Maps, starting with my Hiroshima City Guide. Includes unlimited free lifetime updates. #hiroshima #therealjapan #japantravel #hiroshimacityguide #hiroshimamap #hiroshimajapan #hiroshimacastle #H
  18. Himeji City Guide: Secret City of Sake, Swords and Samurai

    Despite its world famous UNESCO World Heritage 'white heron' castle, Himeji is often relegated to a day trip. But beyond its magnificent castle lies a secret city. One with a history steeped in crafts and traditions, that rewards greater exploration. Sake, swords and the iconic sa
  19. LIVE VIDEO Premiere on YouTube Tomorrow (Sat. 26th August)

    (7am PDT / 10am EDT / 3pm GMT / 4pm CET / 11pm JST) Join me tomorrow LIVE in the chat as I premiere my latest video: "HIDDEN KYOTO: Himukai Daijingu Shrine & the Ama no Iwato Cave" Hit the bell icon 🔔 on the video (link below) to get a reminder. Although the video will only be broad
  20. NEW! Tokyo, Kyoto & Hiroshima (Book Review) Must Buy or Missed Opportunity?

    First time visitors to Japan understandably focus on Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima - also known as Japan's 'Golden Route'. Although there are a good number of guide books covering the whole of Japan, (surprisingly) there aren't many dedicated to the Golden Route. That's where Moon Tra

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