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  1. Seriously. Media, we love you. Do better. 👍🏼 Thanks Angry!
  2. By Oliver Darcy, CNN Jon Stewart is heading back to “The Daily Show.” The comedian, who during his 16-year run as host of the Comedy Central program established it as an entertainment and cultural force, will return to host the show each week on Mondays starting February 12, Showti
  3. By Ariana Baio Donald Trump may remain on Oregon ’s presidential primary ballot – for now – after the state’s supreme court said they would not take up a challenge to his eligibility . Following in the footsteps of the Michigan Supreme Court, justices on the Oregon Supreme Court said
  4. By Graig Graziosi Journalist Mehdi Hasan announced on Sunday that he would be parting ways with MSNBC . The network announced last year that it would be ending his late-night opinion show. “I’ve decided that it’s time for me to look for a new challenge,” he said during the final epis
  5. Joe Biden makes the case that Donald Trump, MAGA are threats to democracy during a campaign event near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. By Swapna Venugopal Ramaswamy and Michael Collins, USA TODAY In his first speech of the new year, President Joe Biden ramped up his attacks on Donald T
  6. By Carlos Suarez and Denise Royal, CNN A coalition of Florida abortion rights supporters announced on Friday they have gathered enough signatures to put a state constitutional amendment protecting the right to an abortion on the ballot in 2024. Election officials have verified 910
  7. Gouache painting by Mitzi Linn “Womantrees: Night Dancers” 2004
  8. #atheist
  9. By Gustaf Kilander Donald Trump is laying the ground to claim election fraud again in 2024, baselessly suggesting in his New Year’s message that the Biden administration is allowing immigrants to enter the US to vote. “As the New Year fast approaches, I would like to wish an early
  10. #trump #donaldtrump #trumpsmells #religion #evangelicals #antichrist #trumpcult #magacult #maga #trumpsupporters #P01135809 #fakechristians
  11. Perhaps the epitaph for humanity will read "We just couldn't avoid having to learn the same lessons, over & over again."
  12. In a new legal agreement, the Biden administration gave authority over salmon recovery funds to Northwest tribes. It’s a major shift after decades of control by federal power generating officials. When the Biden administration said it had reached a “historic” legal deal with North
  13. By Lauren Aratani This story was originally published by The Guardian and appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Joe Biden ’s administration on Tuesday announced a new proposal aimed at banning logging in old-growth forests, a move meant to protect millions of trees
  14. By: Humeyra Pamuk and Jonathan Landay WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. wants and expects Israel to shift its military operations in Gaza to a lower-intensity phase during which there will be more targeted operations focused on the Hamas leadership and its infrastructure, U.S. Secre

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