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A sort of Chemist aged to perfection. Almost retired Science & Technology VP. Father, grandfather, godfather, husband, son, friend, human. Body in Italy, heart in Pittsburgh πŸ’›πŸ–€

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  1. If you don’t see it in Milan, it doesn’t exist 😎😎😎 #IlSalumaio #Montenapoleone #Milan
  2. This is a two minute excerpt from a cool LED Christmas tree light show at the PPG Skating Rink in downtown Pittsburgh:
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  5. If you know someone who ever lived in Pittsburgh, send them a little love today. We're all heartbroken about the passing of Franco Harris, who was not just a wonderful football player -- he led the St
  6. #FrancoHarris #Steelers #Pittsburgh πŸ’›πŸ–€
  7. The warmth of beautiful music on a cold day.
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  10. Hi guys Is there anybody in?

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