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  1. In case anyone still harbors any doubt that McCarthy cares about national security.
  2. A brilliant read and necessary read from two of the finest minds in African American history
  3. This is good advice for journalists and scientists. How to use the scientific method to build a story.
  4. "It's no show of strength to deny people the ability to think for themselves and learn their own history. It's an expression of fear."
  5. #Ukraine #HolocaustRemembranceDay #DenazifyRussia
  6. For this week's blog post, I read the sanctions order against Trump (yes he has to pay Hillary Clinton), put in some food for thought, and the letters between Jim Jordan and the DOJ. I could cut and pa
  7. When Ron DeSantis and others bemoan ‘woke indoctrination,’ their claim is not that schools should be value-free zones. “Their claim is that schools teach the wrong values,” writes a law professor with
  8. A federal judge in Florida sanctioned Trump and his lawyers $937,989.39 for that silly RICO lawsuit he brought against Hillary and others. Want some fun? We can read the sanctions order together. 🤓 (T
  9. Found good state-level data on age, allowing me to depict the generational shift in each state.
  10. Arizona Republicans have introduced at least four extreme proposals to seriously curtail or fully repeal early and/or mail-in voting in the Grand Canyon State.
  11. Jury is now deliberating in the trial of a second group of accused OathKeepers seditious conspiracy defendants. Here at the federal courthouse in DC
  12. A review of Ron DeSantis — the man who would be in charge of federal education policy — has worked to push Florida education far to the right.
  13. Not hyperbole. Gird your loins.
  14. My latest. Enjoy. "The Republican Party today embraces crooks. It revels in cheating. It celebrates fraudsters."
  15. The same racists who demanded President Obama’s birth certificate after accusing him of being born in Kenya have embraced a lying fraud like George Santos who faked his entire personal and professiona
  16. There is an important seditious conspiracy trial happening. So that we can all follow along (I could use the review myself) I went back to the indictment, which is here , to get back up to speed. In the
  17. Our country's pathetic online privacy laws are a danger to us all. Google, Facebook, etc, collect huge amounts of data on us with little notice, let alone actual consent—just to target us with ads—and
  18. russia's war: accelerating europe’s green energy transition
  19. Suppression/censorship of our story, our history, is an attempt to maintain white supremacy.

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