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Personalization and customer analytics thought leader. Avid Reader. Film nut. Music omnivore. News junkie. Pretend rock climber. He/him/his. Opinions are mine.

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  1. You're Invited to Learn More About Organizing Around You First Party Data

    If you're involved in digital marketing, I suggest you sign up for this webinar. It's free, and I'm co-presenting. Really. What more do you need to know?
  2. RIP
  3. Listening to the wisdom of Carl Sagan

    Last night I dreamed about being in a war, in a building with the underdogs, working on some vague military intelligence. Then I realized that water was lapping at the ledges of our second story windo
  4. A Good Name for a Mountain Dew Flavor?

    How can a self-respecting journalist include a quote what will now be a word repeated by every news outlet for months? The quote will be the next hottest news hook for a type of murder. Put another wa

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