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Vista, California

Native Mainer now in southern California. Serial entrepreneur and author of the children’s book, “The Fish Stick Detective”, now available.

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  1. #booklovers
  2. Order The Fish Stick Detective!
  3. The longer it takes to bring Trump to justice, the more it empowers other sociopaths in power to believe they will not face consequences for their acts of cruelty and violence.
  4. Fresh from the Mexican Alps!
  5. Everything on @democracydocket is 100% free. All the case info, alerts, and articles--all free. If you want to help support keeping content free and available for all, you can cli
  6. Who’s grooming who?
  7. If any Democratic legislatures need ideas for expanding voting rights in their states, I am happy to make suggestions.
  8. Decades of research have conclusively shown that: --The solution for homelessness is building homes for those who need them --The solution for poverty is giving money to those who don't have it --The sol
  9. Merry Christmas, people! Drinks are on me*! *Drinks are not on me.
  10. Russia to blame for Ukraine war says everyone but Putin
  11. #Travel
  12. This is SHADY as hell. #CVS
  13. We non lawyers feel the pain also
  14. Chief Twit Changes Rules After Ouster Vote #Musk
  15. So help me understand ... Republicans don't believe COVID is a genuine threat to human health. Therefore they object to mask mandates or mandates to take the proven-safe vaccines (even for the militar

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