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  1. Rudy Giuliani facing DISBARMENT in DC as he spills the beans to Jack Smith under a proffer agreement, Alina Habba is fired from Trump's most important legal cases, DOJ appeals a bizarre ruling from a MAGA judge and more! Watch Legal AF at 8p ET/5p PT!
  2. As one of the lead lawyers in those efforts, I am proud of the work my team did to secure the right to vote for hundreds of thousands, and successfully defend Biden’s electoral victory more than 60 times in court.
  3. This type of nonsense is why people buy into the big lie about non existent election fraud. They use flawed metrics to come up with flawed conclusions.
  4. It was fun. Glad I went to see it.
  5. These Friday night filings from Jack Smith show that he is READY for trial and has AT LEAST 84 witnesses. If you think for a second that he is trying to delay this, think again. That's the exact OPPOSITE of what is happening here. We explain.
  6. Lots of political commentary, but for the moment I have to share some humor.
  7. Joyce Vance just gave us all a reason to breathe a HUGE sigh of relief. Last week, when we learned the trump case had been assigned to Judge Aileen Cannon, I argued that Jack Smith had considered all the possible outcomes, including having Cannon preside over the prosecution. Tod
  8. Ron DeSantis has built a long legislative record as an “education governor” amid battles with Democrats and civil rights groups that endeared him to rank-and-file GOP voters. Now he’s planning to pitch that record across the nation in a bid to become the new leader of the Republi
  9. Happy Mother’s Day
  10. CNN’s town hall with Donald Trump was a “cringe-inducing display that damaged CNN’s reputation, put one of its rising stars in a no-win situation, cheapened journalism, and undermined our political process,” Tom Nichols writes:
  11. Bravo, General 👏 Bravo. Reminder of all of the good people and things about this country 🇺🇲
  12. Looking for our friends! If you followed us on Twitter, please consider following us here. 💙 Please REPOST this Post to spread the word that @calltoactivism is on Post.
  13. Hypothetically speaking when a telemarketer calls to talk with you about adding solar panels to your home, an extended warranty or anything else that costs money you can use the goat below to accentuate your dislike of the price. It also works if you call providers of satellite ra
  14. Interesting thread.
  15. Lewis Black recorded this a while ago, made me laugh then and now, though in some ways that laughter is dark humor.

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