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  1. exactly
  2. So, Putin is now shooting down Malaysian civilian flights? MH17 shot down by a Russian missile.
  3. Twitter is in the Sh*tter.
  4. Fantastic News!
  5. What a HEINOUS thing to do. Whomever dyed this baby pigeon, YOU MURDERED IT. That's animal abuse in my book.
  6. Going one 2months & I'd bet Elong Muskrat has NO intention of replacing himself as TWITCEO. Seriously, how long does it take to find someone to do the job? Or is he expecting someone to do it for free?
  7. Spilled Stones Studio

    Hey Post Family, If you're looking for a fantastic, handmade, heirloom you can pass down through the generations, I'd like to introduce you to my Etsy Shop. I've got some great pieces you can give to your Valentine too! Check it out!
  8. Social Security, Medicare & "Just Say NO" to the GOP

    Hi America & my Post.News Family, I just want to remind you of something about the GOP. Don't ever let their circular lying fool you. On record, they want to gut SS & Medicare & I'm sure all of our entitlement programs. When Joe called them on it last night, they lied again, claim
  9. anybody besides me? think boebert & gaetz are treasonous traitors & spies who need to be investigated. Who were they sending texts to during Zelenskyy's speech to Congress. This is not loyal behavior.
  10. It appears that all of the GOP constituents are showing up>GUILTY & tied to the 1/6 Insurrection. Who is next?
  11. if you truly want to help Ukraine, you can donate via Professor Tim Snyder. Let's help Ukraine win in 2023. VICTORY FOR UKRAINE.
  12. ahemmmm, didn't he already try his coup & failed? He has completely lost it.
  13. V.Zelenskyy is receiving a standing ovation from Congress right now. I'm crying.
  14. Wish I could say it's my creation, but it's not. Snagged it from Texas Gal on twitter. Hope it brings some holiday cheer no matter what holiday you're celebrating. It's good, right?!
  15. I'd like to use the eff word right now, but I'll be nice & keep it to myself.
  16. I will stand w/Ukraine until the day I die, because I don't want Russian Terrorists coming to my house. I'm grateful for the service Ukraine's Military is performing. It's so important. President Bi
  17. The Trident is the symbol of Ukraine going back to the 10-12th century when Vlodymyr the Great, Prince of Kyiv was the ruler.
  19. I learned, just last week, I have Ukrainian neighbors! I think they were always there, but they just brought their Mom & Dad home, Tatyana & Yorii. So, I left them a Christmas card introducing myself
  20. Some people are just so......GREEDY

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