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I am a retired Professor of Drama and author of "Introduction to Play Analysis" and "Play Analysis in Action." I blog at and

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  1. Ignore National Politics

    National politics have become an embarrassment. Trump ushered in the values and aesthetics of the worst of reality TV, and now the hacks have arrived in his wake, like a knockoff sequel for a weak show. It isn't worth our time or attention. It lacks dignity, thoughtfulness, and d
  2. OK. This account is now all theater, all culture, all the time.
  3. I think we should replace "In God We Trust" on our money with "You can't handle the truth." It is the motto of the US 21st century.
  4. I suspect those people would agree without qualms.
  5. I'm told that in Holland retirement is mandatory at age 65. Seems like an excellent policy.
  6. What's wrong with Our Culture

    I'm in the midst of reading the 1921 symposium "Civilization in the United States" (edited by Harold E Stearns) -- I recommend it. It seems to me that the mistake we've made is letting politics swamp
  7. Today I fixed the toilet, which is a fitting way to end this crappy year. 2023 can't come fast enough.

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