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Assorted thoughts from Andy B of Yorkshire

Growing older by the day, but not necessarily growing up as the years slip by toward retirement. Coffee drinking, occasional MTB riding, PS5 game playing ( not very well ) older guy with eclectic taste in music.

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  1. Me and my big mouth………. 2023 can’t be any worse than 2022 I said , although I did 🤞 cross my fingers Just goes to show how wrong I could be 😭 woke up around 04.00am on 3rd January with a blinding headache and spent the next 13 nights in hospital including some in intensive care
  2. New Year.. Same old story

    Oh Great ! I just knew I should be suspicious of the New Year 😡 Doing some washing add b*gg*r me the machine makes a break for it and starts dancing across the kitchen floor while doing the best machi
  3. Happy New Year to one and all, I was going to say at least 2023 can’t be any worse than 2022 but after saying similar for the last few years I decided not bother but to just cross my fingers and hope
  4. So that’s Christmas done for another year, although my plate of leftover dinner today seemed even bigger than my real Christmas dinner yesterday And Yes, I did forget to put some gravy on it 🙄 So 1 mor
  5. Not my favourite day of the year by a long way for numerous reasons, but I’ve managed to get through it. Best part of the day is prepping diner for my folks, both 90 years old but still regard me as th
  6. Seems like this place could well be a cross between a blog and twitter type place so I thought I’d give it a go. With 1 eye on retirement just over 1 year away it makes sense ( to me ) to find somewher

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