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I’m a podcast. About 80s movies.

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Your ticket to the movies. Hosted by film historian and former film critic Edward A. Havens III, The 80s Movie Podcast is a carefully curated and unique journey through a cinematic decade.

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  1. F**k Elon Musk!

    Well, I finally deactivated my Twitter account. Doesn't matter why. I'll try to give Post some more attention. Thanks for sticking around, if there's anyone still around.
  2. Laying on the puppy fur, listening to Taylor Swift, cuddling with the puppies and reading a library book about being the ultimate stay at home dad.
  3. Absence...

    Hello. Sorry for being away for a while. It's been a busy couple months. So let me tell you what's going on... As some of you know, my wife and I have been married for more than twenty years, and in that time, we were never able to conceive a child. No matter what we did, no matter
  4. Into the Night (1985, John Landis)

    This week, we're talking about John Landis's underappreciated 1985 morbid romantic comedy Into the Night, starring Jeff Goldblum (in his first lead role) and Michelle Pfeiffer, and featuring David Bowie as the most polite assassin. Find it at your favorite podcasting source. linkt
  5. O.C. and Stiggs

    This week's episode is about one of the strangest movies of the 1980s. Take legendary filmmaker Robert Altman, hand him a teen comedy screenplay adapted from the pages of National Lampoon about two ne'er do well delinquents who spend a summer getting revenge against the insurance
  6. Vestron Pictures

    Over the past couple weeks, I've uploaded a three episode miniseries about the 1980s distribution company Vestron Pictues. Even if you don't know Vestron Pictures by name, I guarantee you've heard of at least one of their movies... That's how iconic this movie was. I can just post
  7. Goodbye Dawnie

    I normally post a new episode of the podcast on Thursdays, but there will be a short delay this week, as my wife and I will be guiding our Dawn Marie over the rainbow bridge tomorrow, after sixteen years of love and snuggles and wet noses. This is one of my earliest pictures of Da
  8. So this happened yesterday...

    Thank you to everyone who has ever listened to even a single episode of the show over the past three and a half years. If you have yet to listen, there's more than a hundred episodes to check out. There's likely something you'll find of interest. Or you can wait until tomorrow, whe
  9. Episode 098: The Jazz Singer

    Forgot to remind everyone about our first episode of 2023, a look back at the only movie Neil Diamond ever made where he played a character instead of "Neil Diamond." 1980's The Jazz Singer, the fourth
  10. Merry Christmas from Thailand…
  11. Hello from Bangkok!
  12. The War of the Roses

    Good evening. As much as I enjoy posting pictures of my Golden, River Rosalind, this account is ostensibly here to remind people I have a podcast. A fairly good one, if I may say so myself. And today,
  13. I wish I had more to say right now. So I'll just post a few pictures of River Rosalind when she was just a puppy
  14. One more left in the tank…

    So, if you’ve listened to the Thriller episode (and if you have, thank you), you heard me say that was the final episode of the year. And at the time, I genuinely meant it. I’m going on my first vacat
  15. As soon as we have the ability to block certain words on Post, the first ones I’m blocking are the name of the bird site and the name of its owner.
  16. Episode 096: Michael Jackson’s Thriller

    Did you know that forty years ago today, Michael Jackson’s sixth solo album, Thriller, was released. It would go on to be one of the most successful records ever released, selling more than seventy mi
  17. Episode 095: Less Than Zero

    I've been so busy this week working on so many non-podcast related items that I completely forgot to mention the newest episode of the show. It's the penultimate episode of 2022, talking the 1984 YA n
  18. Albert Pyun

    Albert Pyun, the legendary 1980s B-movie director, has passed away at his home in Hawaii, at the age of 69. 80s movies fans know him as the director if such films at The Sword and the Sorcerer and Rad
  19. Oh, so THAT is how you post a picture on Post!
  20. One thing podcast hosts need to improve on…

    The one thing that has always bothered me about podcast analytics is the lack of real data. Twenty years ago, my web host could provide me with a detailed breakdown of where my readers were coming fro

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