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  1. Reliance on ChatGPT is linked to procrastination, memory loss, and a decline in academic performance. The findings of this recent study shed light on the role of generative #AI in education.
  2. We have a 🍿 brain!

    The average amount of time ⏲️ something on our screens can hold our attention: 2004: 2.5 minutes 2012: 75 seconds today: 47 seconds -> the 🍿 brain
  3. Use your time wisely and choose your favorite time management method. By the way, I am a fan of the Pareto Principle (80/20).
  4. Ready for the next threat? #AI can hack websites autonomously:
  5. It will be difficult to remain an optimist this year …
  6. Over one million tweets were published by 50,000 fake #Twitter ( #X ) accounts. Social Media is one of the biggest threats to democracy. And in combination with AI, it will even be more dangerous.
  7. AI & writing

    AI is bad at making great sentences. #AI outputs tend to have unimpressive paragraph construction, characterized mainly by monotonous sentence length. Check this article to find the words you should avoid or change in your text.
  8. Writing lets you focus on the topic and gives you the time to gather your thoughts. Without trying to put your thoughts down in a structured way, you might not be able to come up with new ideas. ->That is why 78% of researchers do not regularly use generative AI tools
  9. Happy holidays 😀
  10. What happens in 1 Minute on the Internet 2023?
  11. YouTube is No. 1 for Teens

    New research (October 2023) shows YouTube is still No. 1. for teens (13-17) in the US. And maybe this one is surprising for some (not for my students, they know, of course ;-) -> 33% of teens use Facebook (up +1% from last year).
  12. Threads coming to EU

    This Thursday: Threads is coming to the EU. If you want to get notified: 1. Go to Instagram 2. Search for "Threads" 3. Click the red reminder ticket.
  13. Just in case you are thinking of a criminal career 😁
  14. Twitter (X) depends on Community Notes to fight misinformation. But, these Community Notes are failing, because most don't see them. So the #misinformation problem keeps growing on #Twitter / #X :
  15. #AI model makes money (and has no ego)

    Aitana from Barcelona is 25 years old, has pink hair - and is not real. This #AI model has 148k followers on #Instagram , has no ego and earns money:
  16. A quick joke for #SEO people ...
  17. Twitter / X now without link preview

    The preview for a link showing the headline provides context and information before you click on it. #Twitter / #X now only shows the header image, with just the domain displayed in a watermark-like overlay on the lower left-hand corner. Why did this change happen? Because of stu
  18. Never tired, always online: AI-generated clones of streamers sell stuff while the real #influencers sleep: #AI #Deepfakes
  19. Every 2nd young person wants to be an Influencer

    1 out of 2 aspire to become influencers. Maybe because they trust them more now. A recent report notes that trust in social media #influencers has risen from 51% in 2019 to 61% in 2023 among Gen Z and millennials.
  20. Criminals are using Spotify to launder money

    You wouldn't believe how gangs are using #Spotify to launder money 💰! Criminal groups are converting cash from drug sales to Bitcoin ₿ and then paying "click farms" to play songs from label-signed artists close to the gangs 🎶.

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