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Former political columnist in Connecticut @ctnewsjunkie and current Substacker. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Love πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ too. thenews at hotmail dotcom

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  1. I agree that these disruptive anti-Israel protests must stop, but it's worth noting that many of the people who are currently calling for action were cheering on the Canadian truckers in 2022 when they shut down Ottawa while protesting COVID mandates.
  2. My latest on Substack >> You mean abortion bans are unpopular? I'm shocked. Plus, Sununu and Baker: one is a coward ...
  3. It's not just CNN. Total profits for cable news are down across the board. "King Barkley" was the latest effort to stay relevant. The vast bulk of revenues for CNN, MSNBC and Fox News comes from licensing deals with cable companies and old fashioned advertising. Traditional cable
  4. Sorry, no tears shed for the death of this animal. #OJ
  5. My latest on Substack >> Is the economy really terrible for you, or are you just imaging things?
  6. My April 8 weekly news and pop culture check-in with Paul Pacelli on WICC-600 AM begins at 04:17.
  7. This trend is long overdue. I know many tradespeople who are some of the happiest and finest citizens in my community. And they make good money. The world can only accommodate so many art history majors.
  8. Hey, Marge. You might want to rethink that one. Methinks Trump's Bedminster golf club is quite close to the epicenter.
  9. I heard it here in #LakevilleCT . Sounded like a big truck rumbling by the house. Shook our house a little.
  10. The bare right leg is a nice touch. #FloridaMan
  11. Came up in my memories from 10 years ago today. I'd forgotten all about this. For all his apparent virtues, it appears Obama was no feminist!
  12. I did not know this but former Boston Red Sox president Larry Lucchino, who died Tuesday at the age of 78, was also a friend of #journalism .
  13. My latest on Substack >> Think RFK2 will siphon votes from Dems? Think again ...
  14. But it's not a cult ...
  15. As usual, #SNL wields the scalpel to hysterical effect: "This Bible is mostly the same, but Trump’s version ends with Jesus's disciples storming Jerusalem to overturn the results of the crucifixion."
  16. The Trump Bible: "We need to make America pray again." A portion of the sales goes to you-know-who. If you're okay with this, then there's not much left to say.
  17. My latest on Substack.
  18. As a Pats fan, even I was going to ignore Dynasty, but Dan Shaughnessy has convinced me I have to watch it now.
  19. My latest on Substack: TikTok will not be banned, and the left beats up on the NYT.
  20. Interesting idea, but the writer, who purports to be a conservative, does not say how he would pay for it.

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