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I believe in Democracy and Equal Rights

Everyone has the right to vote. Women have the right to body autonomy. I also like a good story, movie and conversation. Oreo milkshakes.

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  1. Please Texas vote.
  2. #BidenHarris2024
  3. We watched while opening presents 🎁
  4. “Even as we must aggressively confront the worst among us who are drawn to cruelty and dictatorship, we can and must continue to appeal to our better angels. In the year ahead, I hope voters will back more caring leaders capable of kindness, compassion and empathy.”
  5. Please understand this is for democracy.
  6. This was great thanks for sharing.
  7. So true
  8. LOL
  9. In his Gettysburg Address, Lincoln urged us “to highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain…and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” "Lincoln’s words, one of the greatest speeches in the English language, ha
  10. Republicans are lying when they say slashing IRS funds will lower the deficit. For each extra $1 the IRS spends auditing rich tax cheats, it can collect $12. Defunding the IRS will INCREASE the deficit. They want to help their rich donors cheat, while the rest of us pay for it.
  11. This is great news.
  12. 🤣
  13. Awesome
  14. You said Helen
  15. Hope he's enjoying a cheeseburger in paradise. #jimmybuffett #margaritaville #escapetomargaritaville #parrothead #paradise #Latitudes #CoconutTelegraph
  16. RIP Jimmy Buffett

    RIP Jimmy Buffett, Enjoy being at the La Ti Da bar with your Margarita, and over looking Key West. We will miss you, but will continue to play your music so we can enjoy the joy of your music. The world is grateful of the gift you gave us.
  17. I like that. Made me chuckle.😂
  18. 40% want to tell the 60% what to do. They’ve achieved this in the Senate. They’ve achieved this in the Supreme Court. In Ohio, the 60% fought back. #VoteBlue
  19. By Tori Otten President Joe Biden designated a new national monument near the Grand Canyon on Tuesday, protecting almost one million acres from uranium mining in a massive win for his environmental agenda and Indigenous rights. The new Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni Grand Canyon Nation
  20. Yeah

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