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Terri Gerstein


Workers' rights lawyer, mom (teens), Brooklynite

Brooklyn, NYC

Workers' rights lawyer at Harvard Center for Labor & a Just Economy & at Economic Policy Institute / Writer of opinionated opinion pieces about labor-work-social justice / Way too focused on politics / Mom of teens / Big fan of theater, hiking, and our grumpy middle-aged rescue dog.

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  1. Worker protection rule on heat, wildfires upheld in Oregon

    Some good news for workers coming out of Oregon. The state OSHA passed a rule to protect workers from wildfires and heat (ie from workplace impacts of climate change). Business interests challenged th
  2. Possibly unpopular opinion: Here and on Mastodon, there's way too much discourse about Twitter: "So glad to be off Twitter" "Look Musk did x/y/z horrid thing today" etc. We all agree about these matte
  3. I have a theory that mistreating workers is a red flag for all kinds of corporate misconduct, including misleading and harming shareholders.
  4. Just Transition to Good Climate Jobs

    Here's an interesting article in Governing magazine about a report I co-authored about the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, and the role of state attorneys general in helping
  5. Losing a friend I haven't been in touch with for some time

    I learned yesterday that someone who was a mentor to me in law school died suddenly Friday night. He was an instructor in my criminal defense clinic and we became friends. We'd lost touch over the yea
  6. Is there a post app? Or is the only way to connect through a browser? Thanks for any info.
  7. Happy to be here! Somewhat disoriented by the lack of a strict character limit. (I can actually write "people" instead of "ppl"?) Here's our dog Carson on a hike. He's a middle-aged Shih Tzu rescue.

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