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  1. This life will be torture trying to live without her. Mom, I love you. Anyone who has met her loved her
  2. I appreciate the good vibes. My mom passed today. We tried. 🕊️
  3. This isn’t the right forum to ask but I need everyone to say a prayer or send good vibes for my mom. She was in serious accident & has been in a coma since Saturday night. She’s had several surgerie
  4. Day 2 of Mama Chloe wearing her sweater. I think she likes it. Max is keeping her company.
  5. 100%
  6. Yes it will!! We’ve all seen examples of that already. Musk is bad for all countries.
  7. I’ve got a bobcat in the area!!
  8. By Carolina Mandl NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. banks reported a 3.2% rise in third-quarter net income from a year earlier, but an uptick in early delinquency and higher unrealized losses with securities m
  9. Listen up!!
  10. On this day in 1955, Rosa Parks was arrested for not giving up her seat on a public bus. #herstory #resist #mightywoman
  11. Check & check! If
  12. Similar experience with bathtub faucet. Didn’t know how to shut it off so I had a big mess!! I know where shutoff the water now!
  13. Tomorrow is a very exciting day in my household! My obsession with advent calendars amuses even me. But, I get to start opening all my surprise gifts tomorrow. I have 12 different advent / Christmas c
  14. Howdy, Posters. This is me.
  15. I use this tip the most! A simple way to find conversations on Post, by topic. Go to your browser and type this URL: keyword After /topic, type your keyword, i.e. ADHD So in this e
  16. This must happen!!!
  17. Perfect!!!

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