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  1. does this place shut down at midnight? asking for a tree 🌿
  2. "“Where the hell are you guys on this one?” he said. “Stop everything in Congress. Subpoena everyone. Don’t take summer recess. Don’t take weekends. Don’t even get up to go to the bathroom. Get in there and subpoena everyone. This judge, his daughter, everyone affiliated with any
  3. "Eight Republican senators are vowing to vote against any spending bills, judicial nominees or other Democratic legislation brought to the floor in protest of former President Trump 's conviction on 34 felony charges. [...] Republicans are wasting no time turning Trump's conviction
  4. "Salem Media Group, the right-wing talk radio network owner, issued a public apology and said it would stop distributing a discredited 2020 election conspiracy theory film after a Georgia man wrongly accused of voter fraud sued the company for defamation."
  5. OK it's going to be weird not coming here. Gonna feel a bit lost for awhile. === I'd won the world but like a forsaken explorer, I'd lost my map. ~Anne Sexton === art by Monserrat Gudiol
  6. I'll miss your gardens and your pets. === art by Adam Oehlers
  7. Ohio. Maybe we have a chance to go purple. The top of the GOP ticket is a crook and we have Sherrod Brown to elevate. Vote blue, vote Biden. === David DeWitt: Statewide Ohio politicians who have endorsed convicted felon Donald Trump for President of the United States: Lt. Gov. Jon
  8. This road is a Mood. Like where does it lead next? === "The fog of last week has cleared away to rain and hail showers… such hail shower retreating over the moor this afternoon, Lynch Common, western Dartmoor, Devon" -- Rachel Burch Westcountry Photography
  9. was waiting for this. "Trump supporters are trying to doxx the jurors in Trump's criminal trial. A non-profit that conducts public interest research found posts of the purported addresses of jurors on a fringe message board known for pro-Trump content. The same group found a high vo
  10. credit to Aaron Rupar "Rep. Ronny Jackson on Newsmax says he's going to push for the Trump administration to "aggressively go after" Biden and his entire family after Trump wins in November" --- we're going to do that thing that we outrageously accused you of w/no proof, so really i
  11. POTUS: "Israel has now offered a roadmap to an enduring ceasefire – and the release of all the hostages. Yesterday, this proposal was transmitted by Qatar to Hamas. Today, I want to lay out its terms for the world."
  12. On hold with the water utility company, listening to elevator music that sounds like it's being played from an underground tin bunker. Is it getting progressively louder? Contemplating the end of an era (last day at post) and wondering who else is going to tolerate my odd bird ob
  13. this could have been written on god's own typewriter, it's the perfect twist in TFG's comeuppance 😸 🔥
  14. Jim Jordan can eat the subpoena he ignored instead
  15. "In August, a judge issued an injunction allowing Texans with complicated pregnancies to get an abortion if their doctor made a 'good faith judgment' that it was necessary. The Texas Supreme Court overturned that ruling today. [...] the case has grown to include 20 women & two doct
  16. "Giuliani should be stripped of his law license for his work on a failed lawsuit challenging TFG's 2020 election loss in PA, a D.C. disciplinary board recommended on Friday." --- just in, Rudy's regret. (regrets are wild if you're delusional & too immature or entitled to shoulder a
  17. post press conference palate cleanse: Morning light (Norway) by Odin Hole Standal "We went out early one morning and tried to make giant soap bubbles. The sun was rising above the mountain behind us and I managed to capture the sunrise in the reflection of a bubble floating out the
  18. yeah, looks like it was just a speech that TFG got the media to live broadcast, an airing of grievances -- again -- eventually leading to an appeal announcement, if you want to put a bow on it will leave this final note (guardian)
  19. so far no new news... recycled bitching and lying about court nbc: more blah blah blah and claims of his voice being suppressed at a motherfucking press conference on live network broadcasting nbc: more rambling about all these innocent crooks being railroaded for mere crimes -- th
  20. nbc: 3m ago / 11:02 AM EDT Protesters are outside of Trump Tower -- press conference now Protesters are demonstrating outside Trump Tower on 5th Avenue in Manhattan ahead of Trump's press conference there. They're holding signs that say, for example, "lock him up" and "guilty" in a

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