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Army Vet, 40 years in Law Enforcement, Granddaughters rule, Golf is life, Dogs are our best friends, 100% Antifa, Democrats could use some improvement but there is no alternative!! No BS Zone

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  1. This goes around and is worth sharing (I added a little to it but it mostly was collected and written by somebody else): An anguished question from a Trump supporter: ‘Why do liberals think Trump supporters are stupid?’ THE SERIOUS ANSWER: Here’s what the majority of anti-Trump vo
  2. By Robert Reich Friends, I detest bullies. I’ve got a deep, visceral, stomach-churning repugnance toward people who abuse their wealth and power by hurting others. It’s probably related to my being bullied as a kid because I was so short. And to my discovery years later that one of
  3. The myth that citizens can out-organize voter suppression is not just wrong, it is dangerous.
  4. Dear Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, I need you to issue inherent contempt citations for Harlan Crow , Leonard Leo , and Mark Paoletta , Ginni Thomas' lawyer. They are to be held until they give testimony on their capture of the U.S. federal court system. And you possess the power to do
  5. While you were in church today, did your church leader tell you that people who are different from you are bad or evil? Did s/he discuss politics and how you should consider voting? Was the sermon based on the actual teachings of Christ, or was it about how to protect yourselves
  6. “We the People” means all of us. Not just straight white male landowning Christians with children. Wake up. Evolve. Happy July 4th. Sincerely, Real America
  7. So let me get this straight. The Supreme Court is only supposed to take cases where there is a real injury and real case or controversy, but it still took and heard the case of a web designer who has never even made a web site, then faked a request by a gay customer for a website

    As an old Packer fan who thought Bart Starr sneaking into the end zone behind Jerry Kraemer’s block in The Ice Bowl was the greatest ending to a sporting event I may have seen it’s rival yesterday! I’m
  9. Musing

    I’m at that point in my life where I get aroused whenever there is talk of insurrectionist leader indictments! Let’s stop the foreplay and get to the climax producing part though, please.
  10. Perhaps I can entice a few followers with some friends waiting at the Rainbow Bridge! Best dogs ever!!
  11. First Post. Here to get away from Muskrat’s Lodge and meet some new people.

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