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Born Thomas Elmer Addison Pain on July 4th, 1976

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  1. Whenever Republicans start preachin' against "Socialism" all that means is they wanna get their hands on your hard-earned Social Security!
  2. Remember, if Republicans can make you worry about gas stoves, they can make you forget about your Social Security.
  3. Three biggest differences between Biden and Trump classified documents. 1) No criminal intent 2) No obstruction 3) No attempt to keep claim they're his
  4. The last time this many clowns were in one place, Ringling Brothers was in business.
  5. Today is the second anniversary of a seditious insurrection against our country. It’s time to prosecute the planners!
  6. Nancy Pelosi should nominate Donald Trump for Speaker and watch Republicans piss their britches.
  7. Kevin McCarthy would be speaker if it weren't for them danged Italian satellites and Jewish space lasers!
  8. The best thing Republicans can do for America is to keep votin' for Speaker for two years.
  9. Last time Tea Pain saw anythin' as unpopular as Kevin McCarthy, folks were using special shampoo to wash it out of their kids' hair.
  10. "We all look like domestic terrorists now.” Hope Hicks - Jan 6, 2020
  11. GOP: “We’re not White Christian Nationalists!” You: Are you white? GOP: Yes You: Are you Christian? GOP: Yes You: Do you support ‘America First’ nationalism? GOP: Yes GOP: “But we’re not White Christi
  12. From the Tea Pain #FridayRap archives. Merry Christmas, everybody!
  13. Good morning! Tea Pain hopes you all survived another #WarOnChristmas . Tea Pain was afraid to put up Christmas lights this year because of all the drive-by shootings from the radical Left! LOL!
  14. Tea Pain is tryin’ to do a new Christmas Eve dish from around the world each year. Tonight’s choice is Chicken Paprikash from Hungary. Hope it’s dope!
  15. What’s the difference between Elon Musk and Donald Trump? Musk actually has a billion dollars.
  16. Hunter Biden's laptop has a poster of Trump's tax returns on his dorm-room wall.
  17. Republicans let the Jan 6th Committee bombs land today without rushin' to Trump's aid. They have quietly cut him loose.
  18. PREDICTION: NFTs for political crooks like Trump will become the latest fad for foreign money launderin' and influence peddlin'.
  19. Trump claims he sold 45,000 sets of his tradin' cards. That's 44,999 sets to Saudi Arabia and 1 set to Charlie Kirk.
  20. If you’re dumb enough to believe the Republican Party ain’t a cult, Trump has some digital tradin’ cards he’d like to sell ya.

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