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My interests the birds, the bees, politics, news and nature.

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  1. By By Kevin Dotson and Jared Formanek, CNN Former NFL player Sergio Brown is missing after his mother died from injuries related to an assault and her body was found near a creek behind her suburban Chicago home, according to the Maywood Police Department. Authorities discovered th
  2. #poetry A peaceful walk on an autumn day On a muted path of leaves that lay From a bud to leaf from branches torn To dance the dance and be reborn To be there now on a day brand new To catch it fresh as so few do Let poets in this world abound To speak of leaves upon the ground How wonde
  3. If you're still undecided about 2024, here's a tip: Vote for the candidate who isn't endorsed by Vladimir Putin.
  4. I'm honored to announce I've been selected to host the FIRST EVER AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Post this coming WEDNESDAY at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET! I'll be fielding your questions for 30 minutes (give or take) on the 91 felony charges brought against the twice-impeached, quadruply-indict
  5. By Kathryn Kavanagh, Associate Professor of Biology, UMass Dartmouth Many state legislatures are seriously considering human embryos at the earliest stages of development for legal personhood . Total abortion bans that consider humans to have full rights from the moment of concepti
  6. Some hard truth here.
  7. By By Fredreka Schouten, CNN A Florida judge on Saturday struck down congressional district lines for northern Florida advocated by Gov. Ron DeSantis, ruling that the Republican governor’s map had improperly diluted Black voting power. Circuit Judge J. Lee Marsh concluded that the
  8. New story for Mongabay explaining why many mammals do not occur in the places they prefer, and why we should not just protect areas we don't need for anything else.
  9. Umberto Eco singled out the authoritarian's loathing of learning as a critical indicator that what you're dealing with is not just garden variety conservatism, but outright fascism. #Republicans ' war on #education is the most crucial part of their push for #fascism
  10. "Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the Republican Congressmen."
  11. 👇
  12. Cherry on the celebration sundae
  13. Thank you, Georgia!

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