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T. Bettina Cornwell


Researcher in Marketing & Public Policy

Philip H. Knight Chair | Sponsorship in Marketing | consumer behavior/strategy/policy food/health/sport | Goal: positive for brands, environment & society | Business for a Better World

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  1. Sponsorship Expectations for 2023

    The intersection of sport and the natural environment - Number one on every list of predictions for the coming year should be concerns about climate change. Given that worldwide, the majority of sport
  2. Shared Brand Equity

    T. Bettina Cornwell, Michael S. Humphreys and Youngbum Kwon (2022), Shared Brand Equity, Journal of Advertising Are you interested in sponsorship, celebrity endorsement, influencer marketing, product p
  3. New Here

    Hello - new to Post. I am still learning the system so delighted for any tips on how to be a good community member. Perhaps some hashtags will help us find each other: #sponsorship #Sport&Wellness #sustainability

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