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Seeking the Good, True, and Beautiful tbch0409a

I’m a software professional writing with all this in mind: God—Father Son and Holy Ghost—, technology, science, theology, philosophy, civility in politics, listening to podcasts, cycling, etc. ¶ Be sure to read my Welcome page [1]. ¶ aka tbc0 (the 0 is silent), tbchambers ¶ GPG: 1E4AF729D5CEFFD0 Same as

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  1. A friend of mine RT'd this on Twitter. Re-Posting here as a show of support.
  2. #ChatGPT on #resurrection
  3. ChatGPT wrote a flawed sonnet

    I hadn't thought to try egosurfing via ChatGPT. Sadly, it's at capacity; however, I would like to riff off @debbieohi 's post and share the poem ChatGPT responded with. I am not a very experienced critic of poetry, but I can spot a lack of rhyme (minds and requests). I don't have t
  4. A short letter to a distant friend…

    #Quotes I happened to notice today that Samuel Johnson's quote has different punctuation in Boswell's biography. It goes like this: “A short letter to a distant friend is, in my opinion, an insult like that of a slight bow or cursory salutation;—a proof of unwillingness to do muc
  5. The Art of Digital Letter Writing (AoDLW)

    I love the art of digital letter writing (AoDLW)! It's not the same as ephemeral email. (You do archive your important email, don't you?) My handwriting is poor (a disability of being left-handed), but I still enjoy breaking out the fountain pen every so often and committing word
  6. First Four Followers

    Thanks for the follows, MS Warrior⁶² @l_langgaard, Emanuel @tiptop, Beth Walker @bwalker123nm, and R. Stephen Browning @rstephenb. I'll catch up later.
  7. #😆 I crack myself up
  8. #🤔 the #pondering hashtag. (See what I did there?)
  9. SOGI

    LGBTQ+ is alphabet soup. This shall be my only post mentioning it. I may post more about sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI, pronounced SEW-jee), though. I “identitfy” as medievalist, not th
  10. I already have Twitter to twitter

    My first post. Explored for a minute. False advertising. Not seeing news, so my first impression is poor. All I see are “posters” twittering. Yes, twittering is part of the Good, the True, and the Bea

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